EAA Chapter 1129


Chapter 1129 – Little Huang Er’s Departure Part 6

“Medicinal plant’s shop?” Li Sha’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Are you going to refine some pills? How about all of us go with you?”


Mu Ru Yue nodded as she agreed smiling.

It was perfectly at noon now. Hence, there were rather few disciples roaming about.


Mu Ru Yue started to search for her desired medicinal plants after entering the medicinal plant’s shop. Her basket was quickly filled with medicinal plants due to her wanting to refine too many pills…

Thus, Mu Ru Yue found that she had become very poor after payment.

“It seems I’ve got to find a way to earn those spiritual pills.”

She sighed a little. She chuckled bitterly as she looked at the basket that brimmed with medicinal plants. Following that, she tossed all of the medicinal plants into her storage ring, heading outward…

Who knew that a figure would block their path just when they exited the shop?

“You again!” Li Sha’s expression changed slightly as she said furiously, “Do you have an end? Why are you always seeking trouble with us?”

Qian Ye looked curiously at Ding Lin that was blocking in front of them. She asked, puzzled, “Li Sha, who is she?”

Li Sha snorted as she replied, “She is just someone that likes to show off. There was a person that was selling a necklace for ten Mid Rank Spiritual Stones. But she gave that dealer fifteen Mid Rank Spiritual Stones just to show off.”


Qian Ye laughed as she asked, “Is there something wrong with her mind?”

“You…” Ding Lin’s expression changed instantly upon hearing their conversation. “You all are the ones that have something wrong with your minds instead! I’ve come here for a matter this time!”

Her gaze cast at Mu Ru Yue when she was saying that. She raised her chin and challenged with looking downward, “Do you have the guts to accept my challenge?”

Even though there weren’t many disciples around, they still gathered a small cluster of groups. When they heard Ding Lin’s words, they subconsciously discussed among themselves.

“Yue Er!”

Yi Lian’s expression darkened as she looked seriously at Ding Lin before her and commented, “There’s something weird about her…”

“You’ve seen through her?” Mu Ru Yue looked shocked at Yi Lian. She didn’t expect Yi Lian was able to see through Ding Lin’s current body’s condition.

‘If I’ve not guessed wrong, Ding Lin has consumed an alchemy pill to forcefully increase her might. That kind of alchemy pill is different from Spiritual Pills. Moreover, there are severe side effects!

‘I didn’t expect she will choose to discard her life for power…’

“Sorry, but I’m not the slightest interested in battling with you.” Mu Ru Yue swept an indifferent gaze at Ding Lin and refused coldly.

“Are you afraid?” Ding Lin’s expression changed as she continued with a cold smile, “If you’re scared, you can concede defeat! Perhaps I may be merciful and spare your life!”


Qian Ye chuckled upon hearing that.

‘Mu Ru Yue can instantly kill a God-general High Rank practitioner. What’s there to be afraid of her? This woman is really overestimating her might…’

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue relaxed her tightly creased brows. She no longer looked at Ding Lin, raising her leg to advance forward… 

“Mu Ru Yue!” Ding Lin turned around and glared at Mu Ru Yue. She shouted angrily, “I really don’t know how your parents raised you up. You don’t even know basic courtesy! You seriously don’t have any upbringing, always considering everything beneath you! You have only entered God Academy by pure luck. Don’t think too highly about yourself!”

When Ding Lin saw that Mu Ru Yue that was initially leaving had halted her steps after she said that, she gradually walked over toward Mu Ru Yue.

“So, forcing someone to accept your challenge and shouting at people like a shrew in public is proper upbringing. This is my first time hearing such a logic.”

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