EAA Chapter 1127


Chapter 1127 – Little Huang Er’s Departure Part 4


With a brandish of her hand, all of the porcelain on the table was swept onto the ground. She then commented with gritted teeth, “Those damnable women are too lucky. They actually managed to survive!”

When she thought about Qi Mo pestering Qian Ye lately, she gritted her teeth with hatred. A cold ray of light flashed past her eyes.

“It is especially so for that woman Mu Ru Yue! I will never forgive her! She was the one that made me lose all of my reputation in this academy!”


Xiao Yu remained silent for a moment, pondering. She then ordered, “Someone help me to find Ding Lin and bring her here.”

‘If the information I’ve gotten isn’t wrong, the woman known as Ding Lin has a conflict with Mu Ru Yue when they first entered the academy.

‘Perhaps I can make use of her to eradicate Mu Ru Yue!’

Quickly, there was someone that brought Ding Lin before Xiao Yu.

Ding Lin was apprehensive on her way here as she didn’t know why Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu had sought for her. Thus, when she saw Xiao Yu, her expression instantly became nervous. She said weakly, “Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu, why have you sought for me?”


Xiao Yu nodded as she said, “Ding Lin, your innate talent seems rather good. What cultivation have you reached currently?”

“God-general Mid Rank.”

Ding Lin lowered her head embarrassed. She didn’t have any remarkable points to say before Xiao Yu.

“God-general Mid Rank?” Xiao Yu’s eyes glimmered before she rubbed her chin slightly and continued, “I can help you to instantly break through to the God-general Peak realm. I wonder if you’re willing to accept.”


Ding Lin was elated as she looked at Xiao Yu’s delicate and pretty face excitedly. “Is… is what you said is the truth?”

‘Am I dreaming when she said I can directly breakthrough from the God-general Mid Rank to the God-general Peak realm?’

“Of course, it’s the truth.” Xiao Yu smiled sinisterly as she said, “But there’s something I need you to do for me…”

“Elder Apprentice Sister, I will do anything in my power for you.”

“It’s nothing too major. I just need you to kill someone for me…” Radiance glimmered dimly in Xiao Yu’s eyes as she said, “That person also has a grudge with you. She is—— Mu Ru Yue!”

Ding Lin’s body stiffened before she said with gritted teeth, “That woman had humiliated me. I will never forget about that. Hence, even if Elder Apprentice Sister didn’t instruct me to do that, I will similarly do it!”

“I know about that so I dispatched for someone to find you. Mu Ru Yue is very prideful and arrogant. If you challenge her, she will surely accept it. When you kill her during the competition, nobody will say anything about you.”

Glimmers flickered in Ding Lin’s eyes. It was obviously really tempting. But she still had an inkling hesitation in her heart…

“Wil-will there be any side effects?”

Xiao Yu smiled as she replied, “There certainly won’t be!”

‘How can there not be?

‘It will be going to forcefully increase her cultivation from the Mid Rank to the Peak rank. How can there be no side effects for directly increasing her cultivation by two realms?

‘Ding Lin will only have a year to live after consuming this pill…

‘Of course, I won’t tell Ding Lin about this no matter what. Otherwise, how can she willingly become my chess piece?’


Ding Lin heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Xiao Yu, as an Elder Apprentice Sister, shouldn’t be deceiving me. Since there won’t be any side effects and I can also kill Mu Ru Yue, why should I refuse?’

“You can take it and consume it.”

Instantly, Xiao Yu tossed an alchemy pill bottle toward Ding Lin with a cunning smile that shone past her eyes.

However, Ding Lin currently was excitedly looking at the jade bottle in her hand so she didn’t notice Xiao Yu’s expression…

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