EAA Chapter 1126


Chapter 1126 – Little Huang Er’s Departure Part 3

The crowd’s face turned gravely pale. Horror was expressed in their eyes. If they knew there was such a powerful existence by Qian Ye’s side and could even give away the Spiritual Pill, they certainly wouldn’t help Xiao Yu in this matter. But it was already too late for regrets.


‘I definitely don’t want to die!’

The young disciple bit down hard on his lip before he suddenly looked at Mu Ru Yue behind him. He then gritted his teeth before dashing toward Mu Ru Yue.



A sword appeared in his grasp.

“Woman, go and die! I will drag you down along with me even if I am doomed to die!”

‘This woman’s grandeur isn’t powerful. She should be really easy to be dealt with. If I hold her hostage, perhaps we may have a chance of survival…’

When he was about to reach before Mu Ru Yue, the woman that hadn’t made any movement finally raised her gaze. There was a trace of cold ray in her eyes as she looked coldly at him.

When his eyes met with that pair of eyes, his body shuddered for some reasons. Following that, an enormous sword suddenly appeared behind her back, giving off an astonishing grandeur.

“A Sword That Pierces Through The Heavens!”

The enormous sword slashed down from the sky after she said that.

Flames burned freely at that moment. It was like an enormous mountain was weighing down on that young disciple, making him raise his head in astonishment. He then shrieked, “No!!”


When that enormous sword slashed downward, the entire ground and mountain swayed. But it quickly regained its peace…

White robes were leisurely fluttering on top of the mountain valley. The woman’s expression was cold and indifferent but it subconsciously attracted everyone’s gazes to her.

A bonafide God-general High Rank practitioner had been instantly killed by her?

Everyone gasped. Their shock overwhelmed their terror as they looked dazedly at the large fissure on the ground after the enormous sword landed on the ground…

“Yi Lian, we shall leave after you quickly deal with those people.”

Mu Ru Yue looked at Yi Lian and said that casually.

Yi Lian came back to her senses from her shock as she nodded and agreed, “Alright. Please give me a moment. It will be really easy to deal with these people…”

She coincidentally needed a person to test out her might on after breaking through!

Qian Ye pursed her lips slightly as she looked at Mu Ru Yue with a complex gaze. She said, “It seems I owe you one again… This is the second time you’ve saved my life.”

“We are teammates, aren’t we?” Mu Ru Yue turned her head to look at Qian Ye with a smile on her face.

Qian Ye’s heart shuddered.

‘That’s right, they are my teammates! They similarly are the only ones that genuinely care for me other than Royal Father and Mother.’

Warmth filled Qian Ye’s heart. With a slight smirk on her delicate and pretty face, she said, “I initially came here for Qi Mo. But now, I believe the actual reason for coming here is to meet all of you… I will remember these two matters. I will repay you for what you’ve done in the future!”

Qian Ye would act arrogant before others. But she could no longer be arrogant before this woman before her. It was due to this woman being superior to her in every way.

Furthermore, Mu Ru Yue was the only one she admires…

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she said, “Don’t leave the sight of the academy next time. Otherwise, she will not be willing to take things lying down.”

Qian Ye nodded silently.

‘My foolishness has almost implicated others this time. Hence, I will never make the same mistake again…’

Mu Ru Yue and the rest left the secret realm through the teleportation portal after dealing with those people. They even intentionally made a high-profile return before everyone’s eyes so Xiao Yu quickly found out about that news…

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