EAA Chapter 1122


Chapter 1122 – Shocked Part 7

“Elder Yue.” Ding Lin changed her usual arrogant demeanor as she looked pitifully at Elder Yue. She tried to persuade him, “I won’t read any books after going it nor use anything within the alchemy training room. I just want to see her refine the pills. Please just let me in.”


Elder Yue glared at her before he said, “It is the rule of the academy. I can’t break it for you all. You all may enter after giving me those spiritual stones. Otherwise, you can only wait outside here.”

Ding Lin bit down on her lip.


‘I had previously spent fifteen Mid Rank Spiritual Stones to purchase a necklace in order to humiliate Mu Ru Yue. I don’t have much on me right now. How can I afford to waste ten more Mid Rank Spiritual Stones?’

“Elder Yue, I’ve Mid Rank Spiritual Stones. Please let me enter.”

Others saw him as an example and similarly took out Mid Rank Spiritual Stones. As for the poorer people, they could only watch on as they walked into the alchemy training room…

“I will wait here!”

Ding Lin bit down hard on her lip.

‘Mu Ru Yue will come out sooner or later. I will then be able to find out what had happened then…’

Mu Ru Yue had stayed within the General Stage High Rank room for five days this time. A woman with a rather feeble complexion walked out of the General Stage High Rank room after five days.

“Can it be she failed in her refinement?”

When Ding Lin saw Mu Ru Yue’s exhausted appearance, she was elated. With a smirk, she mocked, “How can this woman be able to refine a General Stage High Rank pill? I am only at the General Stage Mid Rank now. How can she be more talented than me?”

‘It’s certainly impossible!’

“What had happened inside? Has she succeeded or not?”

When Mu Ru Yue walked out, the rest that was inside also exited the room. When the people guarding outside saw them coming out, they couldn’t help but ask.

It got to be known that Mu Ru Yue was only a newcomer. Her martial cultivation was only at the God-general Low Rank realm. If it wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have garnered that much attention…

If it was other disciples of the academy, perhaps they wouldn’t be able to attract that much attention.

The youth that came out of the room face chuckled bitterly upon hearing that, “She had successfully refined a General Spiritual Pill that can help God-general High Rank practitioners to advance to the Peak Realm. Moreover… she had only failed five times! More importantly, do you know how much pills she has refined in that pill furnace in one go? It is twenty! My heavens, it is also only her first time refining a General Stage High Rank pill. She can create God-general Peak Realm practitioners as well!”


There was like a sudden clap of thunder that struck the crowds, erupting a clamour.

Even the disciple of the head of the academy had failed twenty times when he first tried to refine a General Stage High Rank pill. He could only refine two pills in that pill furnace.

On the other hand, she only failed five times!

She also refined twenty pills at one go!

Could she dare to shock people even more?

Ding Lin’s complexion turned gravely pale. She was already speechless. But what filled her heart more was unwillingness to accept the fact and jealousy…

‘I can’t tolerate that the woman I disregarded upon was more superior to me!’

“It seems there are some good seedlings among the newcomers this time.”

Elder Yue narrowed his eyes before he chuckled and commented, “That little girl is really a rare alchemy talent. It’s a pity she doesn’t have a nurturement from well-known masters, resulting in her only being able to refine a General Stage High Rank pill. If it wasn’t that case, she may already have broken through to the King Stage! I believe she will continue to come here. I will pay more attention to her when that time comes…”

‘It is indeed difficult to come across such talents. She may perhaps even enter the eyes of those old fellows of the academy…’

Once Mu Ru Yue walked into the dormitory room, she saw Li Sha walking briskly toward her. When Li Sha saw Mu Ru Yue, her eyes momentarily lit up, immediately pouncing toward Mu Ru Yue.

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