EAA Chapter 1121


Chapter 1121 – Shocked Part 6

When Mu Ru Yue’s serious face was looked from the side, it was so mesmerising subconsciously dazzling the crowd’s eyes…

Time passed gradually. Drops of sweat formed on Mu Ru Yue’s forehead. It was as if the process was really strenuous…

Even the crowd wasn’t sure how much time had passed before a refreshing scent emitted from the pill furnace before her. Sounds of collision could be heard from the pill furnace at this moment…



The crowd was stunned for a moment with shock in their eyes.

‘Has she really managed to refine a General Stage Low Rank pill?’


Ding Lin snorted coldly with her nose. Just when she wanted to say something, she suddenly remembered the rule regarding being within the alchemy training room. She hastily shut her mouth, nervously surveying her surroundings.

‘Phew~ it’s really lucky that everyone’s gaze is focused on Mu Ru Yue. Therefore, nobody noticed the sound I’ve accidentally given out…’

“Is… is that a General Stage Mid Rank pill? That’s right, it is indeed a General Stage Mid Rank pill! Moreover, I can clearly feel my cultivation increased. Can that be the Breaking General Pill that enables the consumer to break through the General Stage Low Rank realm?”

Suddenly, an exclaim attracted Ding Lin’s gaze toward Mu Ru Yue.

When she turned her head to look, she instantly saw a pill emitting a white glow in Mu Ru Yue’s hand. That white light that was something that could not be even blasphemed by God and saints, illuminated the entire alchemy training room…

“General Stage Mid Rank!”


Ding Lin’s complexion turned gravely pale.

‘Isn’t this woman’s cultivation only at the God-general Low Rank? How is she able to refine a Mid Rank pill?’

Ding Lin bit down on her lip upon thinking about that, staring fixedly on Mu Ru Yue.

General Stage pill would emit an intense glow. People under the light ray would be able to obtain the power of the alchemy pill. For example, if it was a healing type of pill, people under the glow of the alchemy pill would be healed by the alchemy pill. Of course, the effect wouldn’t be as great as physically consuming the pill.

Moreover, that effect was a characteristic that a General Stage Pill would possess.

Currently, all of the God-general Mid Rank practitioners qwew looking mouth-wateringly at the pill in Mu Ru Yue’s hand. They had an impulse to snatch away the pill and consume it. The pill that could allow them to break through was really too tempting to them…


Mu Ru Yue took out the pills from the furnace, gently blowing out a mouthful of air. She then walked out of the alchemy training room…

“Let’s go and see where she will go next!”

The crowd looked at each other once before following closely behind her.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t head back to the dormitory. She walked before Elder Yue instead. With a raised brow, she said, “I want to enter the General Stage High Rank alchemy training room.”


Elder Yue was stunned for a moment before he looked puzzled at Mu Ru Yue and said, “You have only stayed at the Mid Rank room for two days. Are you sure you want to head to the High Rank room that quickly? The entry fees for entering the General Stage High Rank room is different from the Mid Rank. You will need to use ten Mid Rank Spiritual Stones in order to enter that room.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly, casually taking out a bunch of Mid Rank Spiritual Stones. She then asked indifferently after delivering them before Elder Yue, “Is that enough?”

Elder Yue was startled. He took those Mid Rank Spiritual Stones from her before agreeing, “I will help you activate the door to the alchemy training room now.”

Everyone that was following behind Mu Ru Yue was stunned upon hearing what she said this instant.

She had just broken through to the Mid Rank. Was she really going to try out the High Rank? If so, she would be too greedy. There had never been the case since the long history of the God Academy that a person directly advanced to the General Stage High Rank room after breaking through the General Stage Mid Rank…

“Stop right there!”

When Elder Yue saw those people wanted to follow Mu Ru Yue into the room, he frowned and said snappily, “You will need to give me ten Mid Rank Spiritual Stones as a prerequisite for entering the High Rank alchemy training room. If you don’t have them, you aren’t allowed to enter!”

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