EAA Chapter 1120


Chapter 1120 – Shocked Part 5

The room was filled with books regarding General Stage Mid Rank alchemy. Even though Mu Ru Yue possessed the Alchemy Book, those books just skimmed over the important components. It wasn’t as detailed as these books…

Thus, these books similarly provided great help to Mu Ru Yue…

Two days had passed.

Mu Ru Yue had completely immersed herself within the alchemy training room for those two days.


There were often people entering the alchemy training room during these two days. Furthermore, those people could recognize Mu Ru Yue due to that matter with Xiao Yu.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a great matter for the existence of a General Stage Mid Rank alchemist within God Academy. However, Mu Ru Yue was a new student so it couldn’t be helped that she garnered the crowd’s attention.

It was a pity Mu Ru Yue didn’t do anything other than reading books during these two days, not to mention refining pills. It reached the point that the crowd became a little impatient that she finally closed the book and walked over to a pill furnace.


A flame was ignited on Mu Ru Yue’s palm, instantly jumping into the pill furnace.

There was a rule within the alchemy training room that when an alchemist was refining pills, nobody was allowed to squeak a single word to distract her. Otherwise, they would be banned from entering the alchemy training room forever.

Thus, nobody made a single voice at this kind of moment…

“It’s her?”

Currently, there was a figure that squeezed through the crowd. When she looked at the woman before the pill furnace, a ray of surprise shone past her eyes.

‘Can it be she’s an alchemist?’

Ding Lin smiled, self-criticizing herself for even thinking about that.

‘This woman is just at the General Stage Low Rank. How can she be able to refine a General Stage Mid Rank pill? It is certain to fail.

‘She’s probably using this kind of method to attract attention to herself…’


An explosion erupted from within the furnace. Following that, the stench of smoke emitted from the furnace, making Mu Ru Yue crease her brows tightly.

She had failed to refine a General Stage Mid Rank pill at her first try.

“The General Stage Mid Rank pill is really incomparable to pills under the God realm. Even the difficulty during the refinement had increased drastically…”

Mu Ru Yue’s tightly creased brows relaxed with her gaze landing on the pill furnace before her.


How could Ding Lin give up a chance to mock Mu Ru Yue upon seeing such a sight?

‘This damnable woman had greatly humiliated me within the accessory shop before the entrance exam!’

“I will like to advise you to stop overestimating your might. You’re just a God-general Low Rank practitioner. How will you possibly be able to refine a Mid Rank pill?”

God-general Low Rank?


The crowd immediately discussed among themselves with undisguised contempt in their eyes.

A God-General Low Rank was actually able to pass the entrance exam. It must be due to having good luck. If it wasn’t for her good luck, she would have already died earlier on in God Mountain.


Mu Ru Yue seemed to fail to hear Dong Lin’s words. She blew out a mouthful of air. She then took out the medicinal plants she had purchased at the medicinal shop in front of the alchemy training room again.

“The result will always be the same no matter how many times she tries!”

Ding Lin sniggered. She didn’t in the slightest think Mu Ru Yue will succeed. It was just too insane to think a God-general Low Rank practitioner will be able to refine a Mid Rank pill. It was clearly infeasible!

However, Mu Ru Yue’s expression didn’t change in the slightest when she received all those mockery-filled gazes. There wasn’t a single ripple on her calm eyes…

She gradually eliminated the impurities on the medical plants before tossing it within the pill furnace.


Flames instantly lit up again, enveloping the entire pill furnace…

Everyone’s eyes were staring unblinkingly at Mu Ru Yue. They feared they might miss out on something if they weren’t careful…

Currently, Mu Ru Yue only had the pill furnace in front of her in her eyes. There weren’t any rooms for her to focus on anything else.

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