EAA Chapter 112


Chapter 112 – I Hate Hiding Behind Someone’s Back

Ye Wu Chen hadn’t planned to use his current identity to appear before her. Ever since he left Phoenix City, he had planned to protect her from the shadows.

After what just happened, he now realised that he could only manage to react to sudden situations if he was by her side. If there was a day where she truly disappeared in front of him for good, how much remorse would he feel and how long would he blame himself for? Hence, he no longer wanted to hide behind the scenes.

Mu Ru Yue’s heart slightly tightened. She raised her gaze to look at the silver masked man. “Who are you?”

The man gave her a charming smile. With a love-filled gaze, he replied, “You will know who I am in the near future. I temporarily cannot tell you my identity for your safety.”


It seemed that he really had to settle some of the matters troubling him as soon as possible so that he would be able to be together with her officially….

Suddenly, Ye Wu Chen’s gaze became stern before he lifted Mu Ru Yue and moved to the side in a flash. Following that, a Peng! was heard from behind them, and they turned around. A sword light had appeared before them, creating a large hole in the ground.

A black clothed man appeared before their eyes, and Mu Ru Yue’s gaze slightly narrowed upon seeing the man. With cold rays of light in her eyes, she exclaimed, “Ling Ye, you are still here!”

He was precisely Ling Ye, the one who had lost to Mu Ru Yue at the Pill Assembly.

Ling Ye coldly snorted with his lips curled into a cold smile. “Lady Mu, to be honest,there are not many who I, Ling Ye, admire in life. You, however, have done so. Thus, if you’re willing to give the Phoenix Furnace to me, I’ll spare your life. If not, regardless of if I’m impressed by you, I’ll just kill you to obtain the Phoenix Furnace.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly. There wasn’t the slightest bit of warmth on her exquisite face.

“If you are capable, come and get it then. Since you had lost to me in pill refining, however, this only proves that your power is below mine and thus not enough for me to fear you.”

Ling Ye narrowed his gaze before speaking with a cold smile, “Lady Mu, my aspiration isn’t in pill refining, so my pill refinement indeed isn’t as good as yours. On the other hand, my martial talent is stronger than my alchemy. If you pass that Phoenix Furnace to me, I’ll definitely leave you with your life. Moreover, there are other people with higher qualifications than you have concerning the possession of the Phoenix Furnace. Lady, your power is insufficient, so naturally, you won’t be able to possess it for the rest of your life.”

The Phoenix Furnace was the most treasured item in the Pill Assembly. His master wanted to steal the Phoenix Furnace that year so, in return, he was expelled from the Pill Assembly. Currently, the Phoenix Furnace was in the hands of a little girl. How could his master stand it if he were to know of this? Moreover, if he passed the Phoenix Furnace to his master, his master’s alchemy level would definitely increase drastically.

“Leave this to me.” Ye Wu Chen grabbed on her hand as he said that gently.

“Unnecessary.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she shifted her gaze to Ling Ye and said, “He is challenging me, so I will have to fight this match. I hate hiding behind someone’s back anyway.”

Ye Wu Chen focused his gaze on Mu Ru Yue’s resilient appearance. He suddenly chuckled. “I always knew that you were a girl that dislikes being protected. I shall respect your decision. But if you are in any danger, I won’t be able to just watch on.”

Wasn’t it due to this difference in personality from other girls that made him admire her so much?

When Mu Ru Yue left Ye Wu Chen’s embrace, she threw Yan Jin, who had latched onto her body, into his embrace. Ye Wu Chen, however, just threw Yan Jin onto the ground without any hesitation.

He hadn’t forgotten that this beast always stuck to his girl, so Wu Chen didn’t have the slightest trace of good feeling towards Yan Jin. He always disliked it when any human or beast got close to him, excluding Mu Ru Yue.

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  2. Mu Ru Yue’s heart slightly tightened. She raised her gaze to look at the silver masked man. “Who are you?”

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