EAA Chapter 1113


Chapter 1113 – Set Up Part 4

Qian Ye blinked her eyes in a daze, looking astonishedly at the two of them. She asked, stunned, “How are they related to each other?”

“From what I know…” Li Sha smiled candidly as she replied, “They are husband and wife!”


Qian Ye couldn’t help but swear upon hearing that. “So this man already has a wife and his wife is Mu Ru Yue. It’s hilarious that there are so many people in the academy that is love-struck by him. Following this, how sad will they probably be…”


Qian Ye didn’t know why she felt like gloating as she imagined that scene.


The Flame Beast soared to the sky while it swayed its chubby head a little. It charged toward Mu Ru Yue again, opening its large mouth toward her…

Ye Wu Chen smirked a little as he pulled Mu Ru Yue back into his embrace. He then said gently, “Mu Er, leave it to me.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded as she said, “Alright, but please be careful. Flame Beast’s attack power is stronger than ordinary demon beasts…”

“Don’t fret. Your husband isn’t that weak. Otherwise, how will I have the strength to protect you?” Ye Wi Chen smiled charmingly, gradually releasing his hold.

With his purple robes fluttering slightly among the wind, it gave the man a more mysterious and sinister vibe.

Faint sunlight that had shone through the tree leaves landed on his handsome face. He looked amazingly dazzling at this instant, making it unable to shift their gazes away from him…

“You tried to harm my wife? Then… how should I kill you?”

He raised his sinister-filled purple eyes and with a sinister cold smirk, he offered, “Ripping your corpse into tiny fragments or having your body ripped apart by five horses moving in different directions? Perhaps cook and fry you? Or… how about chopping you into pieces and feeding you to the dogs?”

The Flame Beast obviously understood what Ye Wu Chen said. With an angry loud roar, it pounced toward him. Yet, a black long sword appeared in Ye Wu Chen’s hand at this moment. The sword gradually elongated to the point that it was the same length as Ye Wu Chen’s body under the crowd’s astonished gaze…


Boundless black flames surged out from his enormous sword, striking toward the Flame Beast like a tempest. It was obscure why the Flame Beast retreated a couple of steps back subconsciously upon feeling the might within the enormous sword…

“Is… is that the Earth Fire Divine Sword?”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as she exclaimed.

‘That’s right, it is indeed the legendary Earth Fire Divine Sword! It’s rumoured that those that possess such a sword can make every fire in the world afraid of it. But if the enemy and the sword’s possessor has a great disparity in might, it will have null effect.

‘For example, Ye Wu Chen is currently in the God-general realm so he can restrict anything within the God-general realm. But if his opponent is at the God-king rank, the Hell Divine Sword won’t have such a magnificent effect…’


The flames on the Flame Beast body attacked its own body’s host, instantly making the beast roar heart-wrenchingly.

Li Sha and the rest felt a chill ran down their spine as they heard that woeful roar, looking at Ye Wu Chen with slight fear…

They originally thought those demon beasts were already sufficient to make people fearful. But in comparison to this man, those demon beasts were actually inferior…

“Perhaps the most deplorable way to kill you is to have you burned to death using your own flames!” Ye Wu Chen’s gaze was gloomy that even his voice was extremely sinister cold. The temperature in his surrounding seemed to have even decreased.

That’s right, the Flame Beast indeed felt really sullen. It perhaps should be the first demon beast in history to be burned to death by its own flames. That kind of feeling was worse than having its corpse being ripped into tiny fragments!

Ye Wu Chen withdrew his sword, turning around and heading toward Mu Ru Yue. Instantly, he kept his sinister cold grandeur and smirked charmingly instead.

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