EAA Chapter 111


Chapter 111 – I Don’t Want To Continue Hiding Behind The Scenes

Ye Wu Chen hummed with a melancholic air, but he didn’t let go of her. With his eyes filled with happiness, he said, “Have you beaten me enough? If you haven’t, I will let you hit me a couple more times, but I still definitely won’t let you go.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze become increasingly frosty as she coldly stared at Ye Wu Chen.

His eyes kept giving her a familiar feeling….

Pondering this, she automatically reached up to remove the silver mask from the man’s face. But the instant she began to lift it, a hand securely gripped her wrist.


There was still a smile on his face. With a sinister ray glimmering in his eyes, he moved his head to the side of Mu Ru Yue’s ear. With a seductive tone, he asked, “You want to see my appearance? But my appearance isn’t that easily seen. It isn’t impossible to see it, but you will have to exchange yourself for a glimpse. If you marry me, I’ll let you see it. What do you think?”

“My apologies, but I don’t have any interest in you.” Mu Ru Yue withdrew her hand as she looked coldly at the man. “Especially when it’s a man I don’t know.”

The smile on the man’s face didn’t change. His hand tightly embraced her waist. “This is already our second meeting. Can it be that I’m still a stranger in your heart? But it’s fine. We’ll get acquainted really soon.”

With his current identity, this was truly their second meeting. But if it was under the guise of the Ghost King, then they were already really familiar towards one another, to the point that his entire body was already seen. There was just one final step left.

He wasn’t in a hurry to get to the final step, as this girl would marry him sooner or later….

Mu Ru Yue’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you exactly? Have we met previously?”

Upon saying that, she clearly felt the hand that was embracing her tighten. After that, the silver masked man revealed a charming smile as he said, “Isn’t our first meeting during that recent Pill Assembly?”

“You know that I’m not referring to that time.” Mu Ru Yue gave him a faint glance. “If that was really our first time, why did you help me? Moreover, what Bai Ze said had made me really curious about who you are.”

Actually, it wasn’t only Mu Ru Yue. Ye Wu Chen also didn’t know what that white haired man was talking about. But there was one thing that was certain; he had said someone wanted to destroy their relationship’s development and planned to hurt them.

No matter what, he definitely wouldn’t allow such a matter occur!

Ye Wu Chen’s expression slowly turned increasingly dark. With a sinister aura being emitted from his eyes, he looked like an Asura that had climbed out from hell. His aura would instill terror in people.

When Mu Ru Yue looked at the current Ye Wu Chen, she slightly frowned. That familiar feeling might have been a mistake as she never felt such a sinister aura before; this man definitely wasn’t someone she knew.

After a long time, that terrifying aura slowly dissipated. Ye Wu Chen lowered his gaze to the young girl in his embrace. His arm subconsciously tightened. “No matter what that man meant, I won’t permit anything to hurt you in the slightest! I’ll protect you from harm’s way for my entire life.”

The corner of Mu Ru Yue’s lips raised as she smiled coldly. “I still have to see that girl’s capability in trying to harm me. On a second note, how long are you going to hug me for?! Release me immediately!”

The man didn’t say a word this time, but the arm that hugged her didn’t relax in the slightest. He lowered his gaze to the exceptional appearance of the young girl before saying gently, “I don’t want to continue hiding behind the scenes.”

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  1. A women’s jealously… that will stop these two from coming together. Look at how Wu Chen is not letting her go despite being punched in the guts…Sucks to that girl…

  2. Someone (kind hearted soul) posted the chapter for Miki. Miki will be disappearing for ten days with her family since 19 Dec. I think I saw this announcement before.. 🙂

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