EAA Chapter 1107


Chapter 1107  – God-general Mid Rank Part 5

Qian Ye clenched her fists tightly with a flushed face from her anger. Yet, a hand slowly landed on her shoulder when she wanted to rebuke…

She was startled for a moment. A cold yet impeccable face entered her sight when she turned her head. For some reason, it made her swallow all of her words that had already reached her mouth.

“Let’s go.”

“But…” Qian Ye was stumped for words for a moment before she pursed her lips slightly and continued, “This woman clearly has ill intentions toward us.”


“So what? Can it be you don’t believe in yourself?” Mu Ru Yue’s voice was light but it made Qian Ye’s heart shudder.

‘That’s right, I precisely don’t have confidence in myself so I care about who will be leading us! Perhaps I’ve come to this place for Qi Mo initially but now, it is to prove that my might isn’t bad!’

“I understand.”

Qian Ye felt a refreshing sensation from her heart at that instant. A discreet glow flashed past her eyes when she looked at Mu Ru Yue.

‘If I believe in myself, I don’t need to fear whatever Xiao Yu does! Otherwise, I will never be able to triumph over her.’

“Since all of you no longer have opinions regarding your teams, let’s depart now.”

Liu Ye’s gaze swept past the crowd’s youthful faces as he said in neither cold nor passionate tone.

The crowd was stirred up upon hearing that, surging toward the teleportation array.

The only exception was Mu Ru Yue’s team that was heading toward the array right behind the crowd.

“Sorry.” Qian Ye bit her lip as she apologised with slight guilt.

‘The elimination round won’t be simple. It is all due to my influence that implicated my dormitory friends…’


Li Sha was startled for a moment before she cast a curious gaze at Qian Ye. She then clarified, “What did you say? I’ve failed to hear it clearly.”

“If you didn’t hear it, then forget about it. I didn’t say anything!”

Qian Ye raised her head again as she walked forth like a prideful peacock.

“What’s going on with her again?” Li Sha rubbed her head as she looked puzzled at the woman walking in front of her. A trace of suspicion shone past her eyes.

Yi Lian didn’t say anything but just stared at that prideful back figure. She then commented indifferently, “When I first met her, I thought she was a haughty royalty that was as prideful as a peacock. But now, I realize that this woman is just creating a facade for herself to hide her feebleness, showing her most prideful image towards the world. Her initial thick makeup seems to be due to her doing her best in creating that facade. Currently, she has placed it down so she is already slowly showing her actual self…”

The matter that could hurt people the most in the world was feelings. It was fortunate Qian Ye wasn’t trapped too deep by her feelings. She was able to easily break out from it. But only she would know the bitterness in her heart…


Qian Ye walked to Mu Ru Yue’s side. She raised her chin and continued, “Thank you for giving me a wakeup call from what you said just now. I will forever engrave it into my heart.”

Mu Ru Yue halted her steps and her gaze landed on the woman’s youthful and pure but prideful face. With a slight smile, she replied, “We are now a team so I don’t wish for you to lose to her…”

“Hmph!” Qian Ye snorted as she continued with pride, “When has This Princess feared anything before? This Princess will crush that woman under my feet sooner or later one day. Moreover, I will let Qi Mo watched as his woman beg for me for mercy. I will make him regret losing me!”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled but she didn’t say further, walking toward the teleportation array in front of her…

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