EAA Chapter 1102


Chapter 1102  – Signing Up And Entrance Exam Part 7

“Hahaha! Qi Mo, I just insulted her a little. Yet, you slapped me! We have been close since young but it unexpectedly doesn’t surmount to a year of knowing her! I even stupidly gave up my luxurious life, chasing after you to this academy! What I get in return is a slap from you.”

Qian Ye spat, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her smile brimmed with craze and boundless hatred.

“Qi Mo, I’ve really misjudged you. Don’t fret. Since you’ve already treated me in such a fashion, I won’t continue to stick by your side. I am a princess. I can obtain any kind of men. Why should I focus on only you? I just wish you won’t regret this decision!”

“Regret?” Qi Mo chuckled as he continued emotionlessly, “I certainly won’t regret. Xiao Yu, let’s go! With me by your side, this revolting woman will never be able to hurt you!”


Xiao Yu frowned slightly, raising her hand to push Qi Mo aside. She then walked briskly toward Qian Ye.

She bowed with a smile as she looked at Qian Ye. She then said in a voice loud enough that only the two of them could hear. “Do you like Elder Brother Qi Mo? It’s a pity he doesn’t fancy you as the person he fancies is me! Let me give you a piece of advice. Stop pestering him. Otherwise, even if Elder Brother Qi Mo doesn’t do anything to you, I won’t let you off!

“On another note, you should look at yourself in a mirror. Are you really trying to seduce Elder Brother Qi Mo with that ugly appearance? Elder Brother Qi Mo won’t fancy you even when he’s blind.”

She turned around and went back to Qi Mo’s side upon saying that. She clung onto his arm and said with a smile, “Elder Brother Qi Mo, let’s go.”


Qi Mo nodded before he asked, “Xiao Yu, what have you spoken to her just now?”

Xiao Yu leaned into Qi Mo’s embrace blissfully as she replied with all smiles, “Nothing much. I just see that she’s so pitiful so I consoled her a little. There’s nothing more painful when someone you love doesn’t reciprocate back. Fortunately, my beloved also loves me too. I’m satisfied with that…”

Qi Mo smirked, pecking a kiss at the corner of the woman’s lips. With a gentle-filled gaze, he said, “Xiao Yu, please marry me after we leave the God Academy. It’s unfortunate that we can’t marry during the period of time we are in the God Academy. If not, I really want to marry you this instant.”

“Elder Brother Qi Mo…”

Xiao Yu lowered her head bashfully. But their bodies became closer to each other.

The sight of them being intimate with each other seemed to send a burning sensation to Qian Ye’s eyes. She shut her eyes in sorrow. All of her tough facade before them had momentarily shattered once they left. A glistening and translucent teardrop finally rolled out from her eyes…

“Hey~ you ok?”

A lovely and adorable voice was heard suddenly, stiffening Qian Ye’s body. She hastily wiped away her tears. She then raised her head to look at the adorable girl before her. She then said haughtily, “Why are you at such a place? This Princess has already mentioned before that I dislike being disturbed by anyone!”

‘It’s especially so when these people saw my pathetic side…’

If it was as per usual, Li Sha would definitely bicker with Qian Ye after hearing such words as if she was inferior to her from Qian Ye.

But this time, she didn’t. She had been casting a sympathetic gaze at Qian Ye.

Qian Ye looked away under her gaze, not wanting to meet the other’s eyes. “Why are you looking at me like this? I don’t need to be pitied by anyone.”

Li Sha pouted as she replied, “If you feel like crying, you can cry. Nobody will laugh at you.”

“Cry?” Qian Ye laughed heartily before she said pridefully, “That kind of thing is unsuitable to This Princess, not to mention crying over a lowly man!”

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