EAA Chapter 1093


Chapter 1093 – Big Harvest Part 6

The man raised his chin as he ordered loudly, “Someone, kill that man and capture these two woman for me. I want to enjoy them thoroughly!”

He smacked his lips as he said that, looking at them with lust.

“You…” The loli’s adorable baby face instantly turned gloomy. With flames of fury glimmering in her deep blue large eyes, she said, “How dare you to lust for us?!”

“I’m not only going to lust you all, but I also want to rape you all!” The man smirked as he chuckled sinisterly before he continued, “Don’t worry. I will let the two of you experience a different kind of sensation at that time…”


Yi Lian’s expression became gloomy with coldness in her eyes. Yet, Gu Chen, who was at her side, had already withdrawn his sword before she could make her move…

“Quickly run away! I will block them!”

Gu Chen hastily turned his head to look at the two of them behind him and instructed.

“Gu Chen!” Li Sha’s heart shuddered as he looked at the bandits dashing towards Gu Chen. A trace of despair permeated her heart as she shrieked, “No! No!”

But it was already too late. A man with a knife scar landed a punch on Gu Chen’s chest. Gu Chen was momentarily sent flying.


Blood spurt out from his mouth, his blood sprayed on the ground.


Gu Chen stood up with great difficulty before he yelled low and heavily, Yi Lian, take her way!”

‘Now, I can only do whatever I can in order to let these two women have a chance of survival…’

“But, Gu Chen…”

“Li Sha!” Gu Chen coughed drily before he gradually climbed back up to his feet. He persuaded, “I’m a man! I’m the only man in this group. I’ve the responsibility to protect all of your safety!”

He raised his sword while he said that as he neglected everything to slash his sword toward the knife-scarred man…

“You’re overestimating you might!”

The knife-scarred man sniggered in contempt. With a raise of his hand, a mighty palm wind struck down at Gu Chen. He instantly descended from the sky like a falling star, giving off a blood mist…

“You’re overestimating you might!”

The knife-scarred man chuckled as he said with disapproval, “You are indeed a talent in becoming a God-general High Ranked practitioner! With your age, it is already not bad for you in reaching the God-general High Rank. But it’s a pity you still have a large disparity in might with me, as a God-general Peak Ranked practitioner. Since you’ve come knocking on my door, I don’t mind sending you off. Die…”


The knife-scarred man brandished a sword ray from his hand, striking toward Gu Chen’s throat…


A fist seemed to have landed on the Loli’s heart. It was so painful that she even forgot to breathe for a moment. She dazedly looked at the sword ray that was heading toward Gu Chen. The despair in her eyes intensified further…


Gu Chen rolled away at the critical moment, dodging that blow. His handsome face increasingly turned gravely pale with cold sweat rolling down from his forehead…


The knife-scarred man frowned. He originally thought Gu Chen would die under his previous blow. He didn’t expect for him to be able to dodge it. The realization made his expression to turn sinisterly gloomy.

“Stinky brat, you must die this time!”

He gritted his teeth and with a brandish of the sword in his hand, another sword ray was shot toward Gu Chen…

“Gu Chen, be careful!”

Li Sha’s relieved heart tensed up again as she shouted anxiously.


Gu Chen hastily climbed back up to his feet when he saw the sword ray heading toward him. With a side step out of the way, a strong gale brushed past from his ear passing by his body.

“Stinky brat!” The knife-scarred man was totally enraged this time. With a sinister expression, he roared furiously with gritted teeth.

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