EAA Chapter 1091


Chapter 1091 – Big Harvest Part 4

Ye Wu Chen didn’t say anything nor did he ask her what she had seen in the mirage. He just stood silently by her side with purple eyes filled with gentleness.

Currently, that scene where the sword pierced through the sky flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s mind. She accumulated all of her power behind her back.


The Heavenly Flame Sword broke through the Alchemy Book and appeared behind her. The flames that were coated on the sword gradually intensified…


“Sword Pierces Through Sky!”


The enormous sword slashed downwards from behind, instantly the ground was split apart creating a gap on the ground. The entire mountain cave shuddered a little.


Mu Ru Yue released a mouthful of air as she gradually opened her eyes and commented, “Even though the power isn’t as powerful as Senior Wu Wang’s attack, I’ve at least learned the ‘Sword Pierces Through Sky’ technique…”

‘Now, even if I’m facing with a God-general Mid Ranked expert, I will have a chance to defeat them…’

The eggy leaped toward Mu Ru Yue from a side. But a large hand blocked its flight trajectory before it could land in her embrace.


With a smack, it was smacked flying away.

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she glanced at the resentful eggy before continuing, “I don’t know when this Ancient Soaring Serpent will be able to be born. But from a message left behind by Senior Wu Wang, he mentioned that I only can benefit from this egg through contract.”

The Ancient Soaring Serpent seemed to understand something.


It flew before Mu Ru Yue, giving off happy exclamation…

“Since so, let’s contract.” Mu Ru Yue squeezed out a drop of blood from her finger, landing on the eggy. Instantly, a bright glow freely shone out from its eggshell, illuminating the entire mountain cave.


A crisp sound entered their ears.

A crack was finally seen from the eggshell under their gazes…

“The shell has cracked!”

Mu Ru Yue was elated as she stared on the Ancient Soaring Serpent.

Following that, a tiny head popped up from the shell. Its circular eyes looking around.


It jumped toward Mu Ru Yue.

But when it was about to leap into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace, a sinister cold aura was felt from its side, sending a chill through his body. He hastily stopped moving as he looked at the man’s gloomy handsome face, shivering and trembling…

‘Wuu~ Wuu~ The Master is too terrifying. I don’t know why but I can feel a fearful aura from his body…’

“Are you the Ancient Soaring Serpent?” Mu Ru Yue grabbed on the Soaring Serpent’s tiny head and with a smirk, she said, “I shall call you Little Teng (soar) from now on. We will be leaving this place. You can stay within the Alchemy Book first.”

Little Teng hastily shook his head as it looked tearfully at Mu Ru Yue.

‘Hmph~ I don’t want to go to that place…’

“Little Teng, it will be inconvenient for me in carrying you around so…” Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she said calmly.

Little Teng tilted its head slightly as though considering what she said. Its long body then coiled around Mu Ru Yue’s wrist after pondering for a moment. If people didn’t pay attention to it, they would really think it was just a bracelet…

“Let’s go.” Mu Ru Yue no longer cared about it. She turned her head to face the man by her side before saying, “It is also time for us to leave…”

She had conveniently kept all of the spiritual stones and Golden Sacred Tree before leaving. With a rough estimation of the spiritual stones within those two chests, there were at least ten thousand Elementary Ranked Spiritual Stones and about two thousand over Mid Ranked Spiritual Stones.

Thus, she had a big harvest this time.

Three months wasn’t too long and it passed quickly. Yet, there was news that came from the God Academy during that frame of time. Huang Yu and Yun Jin had no choice but temporarily leave prematurely.

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