EAA Chapter 109


Chapter 109 – An Acquaintance-like Person’s Arrival Part 5

The sun shone fiercely.

Under the heat of the sun, a young girl strolled along with her brows slightly raised, her thoughts indecipherable. Her free hand was viciously violating Yan Jin’s soft body, completely ignoring his grief-filled eyes.

The current Mu Ru Yue had become a well known person in this city. How could those that participated in the Pill Assembly not know of her? Hence, when she first appeared, it attracted the attention of many people.

But at this moment, this young girl suddenly disappeared in broad daylight.


That was right; she had really disappeared into thin air while under the crowd’s gaze….

A silver figure rapidly rushed to her position the moment she disappeared. Hidden beneath his mask, his eyes revealed his undeniable anxiety.

“Mu Er.”

An unprecedented wave of fear surged from Ye Wu Chen’s eyes. He had just saw her before she disappeared in front of him. His fear wouldn’t retreat as he was worried that her disappearance was permanent.

If she didn’t come back again….

No! I definitely wouldn’t allow that!

Nobody could snatch her away while she was in his sight. Otherwise, he would be unable to forgive himself throughout his entire life!

“Mu Er, I definitely won’t allow anyone to snatch you away. Definitely!” Ye Wu Chen calmed his panicked heart. Under his mask, his exceptional face expressed a sinister smile.

If his expression was seen by his subordinates, they would definitely know that their master was truly enraged this time.

“Judging by the circumstances, Mu Er should have gone to another dimensional space. No matter who it was, I will not let her to be snatched away from me, especially when it was directly before Ben Wang’s sight.”

At this moment, within another dimension.

Mu Ru Yue laid on the floor. Intense waves of pain barraged her head. She gradually opened her eyes and surveyed her surroundings with a curious gaze. Suddenly before her, an exceptional figure entered her sight.

The man wore spotless white clothes reminisce of snow. His white hair fluttered gently in the wind. When he lowered his gaze to focus on Mu Ru Yue, his appearance was as handsome as an immortal as it displayed a complicated expression.

“You decided to come back.” The man sighed. His black eyes were completely filled with sadness. “It’s a pity that I cannot personally come to see you; I can only just bring you to this place.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze to look at the man. It was unknown why his white hair seemed to tug at her heart. Unexpectedly, it gave her a familiar feeling. It was as though they had met each other before.

Yet, she was confident that she hadn’t met this man before. Moreover, he seemed to possess great powers. He was so strong, the strongest amongst anyone she had came across.

“Actually, I had felt your existence long ago when you first returned here from the other world. It was only recently that I had completely confirmed your existence.” The man lowered his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue with his lips raised up into a faint smile.

His smile was really extraordinary and unpolluted by the world.

“Who are you?” Mu Ru Yue’s eyes slightly darkened. This man knew about her transmigration from another world? Suddenly, she felt Yan Jin shudder in her embrace, slightly tightening his hold on her arm.

“Yan Jin?”

“Little girl, don’t worry. I’m fine. It’s just that the aura being given off from that man’s body made me apprehensive.” Yan Jin also didn’t know why he was feeling unreasonable fear towards this man.

Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at that man, as though she was awaiting his answer.

The man walked a step forward with a faint smile. It was so faint that it seemed invisible Only, his black eyes gave off a light of sadness. He obviously looked lonely.

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