EAA Chapter 1084


Chapter 1084 – Demon Beast Egg Part 3

Lin Ru Suo looked gratified at Mu Ru Yue. With a smile on his handsome face, he thanked Mu Ru Yue, “Lady Mu, thank you! If it wasn’t for you, I will certainly be one of the people that got seriously wounded…”


Huang Yu snorted coldly. Her smirk was elegant and noble, fully expressing her haughtiness.

“It is just a coincidence. Perhaps she is one that fears death so she didn’t dare to head forth. Lin Ru Suo, you should be the only one that believes she was able to see through the dangers of the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone.”


Flame Phoenix’s expression changed. Her gaze had momentarily turned gloomy and two flames of fury burned within her crimson eyes.

Just when she was about to teach Huang Yu a lesson, the woman’s indifferent voice at her side was heard. “I indeed wasn’t able to see through the dangers of that Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones. But I do have basic common sense.”

Mu Ru Yue swept a casual gaze at Huang Yu with a slight smile.

“Is it normal to have a pile of Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones lying in the middle of a path?”

Instantly, Huang Yu’s expression turned gloomy.

‘Is this woman indicating that I don’t have common sense?’

“Yu Er,” Yun Jin frowned as he intercepted the words that were about to come out from Huang Yu’s mouth. He swept a peculiar glance at Mu Ru Yue’s face before withdrawing his gaze. He then said neither cold nor hot, “Let’s go…”

The members of the crowd had decreased by half after this crisis. However, it didn’t in the slightest affect the crowd’s passion toward that Demon Beast Egg…

Nonetheless, everyone became wary no longer daring to be in the slightest careless.


A shocking roar pierced through the crowd’s heart when they were advancing. The moment they raised their heads a crimson-red lion pounced out into the open, staring at the crowd.

“It’s the Blood Frenzy Lion!”

“My heavens, I didn’t expect to see a Blood Frenzy Lion upon coming here. Even if the might of the Blood Frenzy Lion is only at the Peak Rank God-general realm, nobody within the God-general realm will be a match against the explosive might of the Blood Frenzy Lion…”

The crowd gasped.

“Blood Frenzy Lion?” Mu Ru Yue pondered before she muttered, “There will surely be the Frenzy Fruit nearby here that is an ingredient for the Limit Overdrive Pill in places that have the appearance of the Blood Frenzy Lion.”

‘Limit Overdrive Pill allows a person to be able to instantly explode forth with a tyrannical might. Their might will increase drastically.

‘The cultivation for alchemy above the Divine Realm is similar to the martial ranking. For example, the martial God-general rank is equivalent to General Rank pills. The God-king realm counterpart for alchemy will be King Rank pill, and so forth…’

Currently, Mu Ru Yue possessed the entire Alchemy Book. There was boundless knowledge floating within her mind. Hence, she wanted to try refining a General Rank Limit Overdrive Pill…

“Wu Chen, let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue had slight excitement within her eyes as she commented, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, the Frenzy Fruit is behind that Blood Frenzy Lion!”


Huang Yu’s sword blocked the Blood Frenzy Lion’s attack as she looked gloomily at the departing figures of Mu Ru Yue and the rest, gritting her teeth in hatred.

‘Everyone is facing the crisis together. Yet, she just walked away.

‘Does she think she will still be safe and sound after leaving the group?

‘It’s really too hilarious!

‘The danger of the God Mountain intensifies as they advanced. They are only a few of them so how can they be able to face stronger demon beasts within the God Mountain?

‘Thus, they are destined to die…’

A red glow shot out from the forest thicket, emitting an eye-piercing radiance.

When Mu Ru Yue pushed open the forest thicket, a blood-red fruit instantly appeared in her sight…

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