EAA Chapter 1083


Chapter 1083 – Demon Beast Egg Part 2

The sky was extremely clear, candid sunlight shone upon the path of the mountain. However, the tranquil God Mountain was being disturbed by clattering footsteps sound…

“Everyone, look! There are Elementary Rank Spiritual stones that can help in increasing energy here!”

Suddenly, a surprised voice was heard with undisguised happiness.

“Elementary Rank Spiritual stone?”


Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment as she looked curiously at Lin Ru Suo before she asked, “What’s that?”

Lin Ru Suo looked astonished at Mu Ru Yue. It was as if he didn’t expect her to not know about the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone. Perhaps he could feel the mockery gazes shot over toward them that it made Lin Ru Suo expressed an embarrassed expression.

“The Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone is an item that can be used to increase a person’s cultivation. Even if it was within the God realm, there aren’t many places that produce the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone. Moreover, there is also the Mid Rank Spiritual Stone and High Rank Spiritual Stone above the Elementary rank. Furthermore, you can exchange a thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones for a Mid Rank Spiritual Stone. For example, God Academy doesn’t use gold coins as their currency. They require Spiritual stones in order to do exchanges.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly.

‘It seems this Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone is a good item…’

“Hehe!” Huang Yu chuckled lowly as she mocked in contempt, “I really don’t know where you all country bumpkin come from to not even know about Spiritual Stones! Perhaps there will only be you all that don’t know about the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone in this entire God realm.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t listen to Huang Yu’s words. Her gaze just looked at the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone before her with a trace of peculiar glow that flickered past her eyes…

Greed and craze appeared in the crowd’s eyes, quickly rushing toward the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones…

“Lady Fire Phoenix, let’s go and snatch some Spiritual Stones.”

Lin Ru Suo’s eyes lit up.

‘If I can obtain that many Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones, my cultivation will certainly increase to the next level…’


Mu Ru Yue called out, successfully halting Lin Ru Suo’s steps. With a slight smirk, she said, “Since they want it, let’s let them have these Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones.”

Huang Yu swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent face upon hearing that. She then rebuked coldly, “If you’re afraid, you just need to admit it. What’s the point in making up excuses?”


Yet, when those people dashed toward the Elementary Rank Spiritual Stone, a chain of explosions was heard abruptly. A mushroom-cloud spread across the entire sky, enveloping some people that weren’t able to retreat in time…

The rest of the people that was a step slower was fortunate in avoiding that crisis. But they were fearful for their lives after the incident. They looked dreadfully at the smoke in front of them, gasping.

“There was an Explosion Rock hidden within that pile of Spiritual Stones. That rock had exploded when the crowd ran over. Hence, it created this hidden effect.”

Yun Jin’s pupils contracted as he subconsciously looked at Mu Ru Yue. A peculiar ray of light flashed past his eyes.

‘If I didn’t remember wrong, did this woman stop Lin Ru Suo from rushing forward? Can it be she knew the outcome for rushing over there beforehand?’

Yun Jin smiled self-mockingly upon thinking about that.

‘This woman seems to just have a change in her mortal bones in becoming a god. How can she have that kind of insight? Thus, it must only be a coincidence…’

“The Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones had exploded?” Lin Ru Suo blinked his eyes, looking dazedly before him.

‘Initially, I didn’t understand why Mu Ru Yue stopped me from heading there. But now, I am a little fearful for my life upon seeing this scene.

‘If I had recklessly head forth, I would surely be seriously wounded even if I didn’t die from that.

‘It is undeniable that this woman has saved my life…’

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