EAA Chapter 1081


Chapter 1081 – End and Beginning Part 8


A light shone past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. With a slight smirk, she said, “Since so, let’s make a trip to the God Mountain…”

‘Coincidentally, I’m interested in that demon beast egg…’



Lin Ru Suo’s eyes lit up,

‘In my point of view, the demon beast egg garner as much attraction to me as compared to gaining Flame Phoenix’s attention. Hence, I’ve invited them so I can spend more time with Flame Phoenix…’

The distance to God Mountain from their location wasn’t far. Hence, they were quickly able to reach it on foot.

However, God Mountain was already packed with people. With just a glance, Lin Ru Suo was able to spot several of his acquaintances…

“Lin Ru Suo? Why are you here?”

Suddenly, an impatient voice was heard before them, making Lin Ru Suo shot a gaze at the source.

Mu Ru Yue creased her brows tightly, raising her head. Instantly, a yellow-robed girl was instantly seen walking out from the crowd. Her golden robes enhanced her nobility and beauty. But she had an expression brimmed with arrogance.

“Huang Yu (yellow jade), she has unexpectedly also come to the God Mountain!”

Lin Ru Suo’s expression changed slightly. Just as he wanted to say something, the girl’s impatient voice was heard.

“Lin Ru Suo, I’ve already passed the examination to enter the God academy, becoming one of its students. You are incompatible to be with me!”

Several people in the God realm wanted to enter the God Academy.

It was rumoured that by entering God Academy, you would not only be tutored by reputable teachers but also you would gain countless cultivation methods that would help in allowing the students to have a greater innate talent speed.

It was precisely due to that the requirements for the examination in entering God Academy was harsh. Only one in a thousand that signed up for the examination would be able to successfully enter it. Thus, any person that was able to enter the God Academy were geniuses. They would unquestionably be fought over by several influential power after they graduated.

Therefore, the crowd that was able to enter the God Academy would be proud of themselves…

Lin Ru Suo’s complexion momentarily turned gravely pale as he said, “Huang Yu, don’t be too much!”

“Too much?” Huang Yu sniggered lowly. She swept a cynical gaze at Lin Ru Suo’s handsome face as she continued. “I’m just telling you that the disparity of our status. You, Lin Ru Suo, is incompatible with me! But…”

She paused for a moment before she glanced at Flame Phoenix that was standing by Lin Ru Suo’s side. With a mockery filled smile, she mocked, “Where did you find such a woman? Are you trying to provoke me? It’s a pity that I won’t fancy you no matter what you do. Furthermore, judging by the dressings of the woman you found, she should be a daughter from a not so honorable family.”

“Shut up!”

Lin Ru Suo’s complexion turned ashen. He clenched his fists tightly as he rebuked, “Even if you didn’t terminate our engagement, I won’t wed to a person that has no feelings for me!”

‘The Lin family originally has a rather good relationship to the Huang family. Moreover, the madams of the Lin and Huang family got impregnated at the same time. Hence, they set an arranged betrothal of their children. Who knew that Huang Yu disdained the Lin family after being passing the examinations in entering the God Academy, terminating the engagement…’

Huang Yu smiled cynically. The mockery in her eyes was that obvious.

“Lin Ru Suo, just stop finding excuses. You are just saying all this due to wanting to save your face after being dumped by me.”

She arrogantly raised her chin as she looked coldly at Lin Ru Suo’s ashen face and continued, “But isn’t that the truth? Since you can’t match up to my steps, you are destined to be dumped by me! Even if you come to this place for me, I don’t fancy you…”

Flame Phoenix that was standing beside Lin Ru Suo didn’t say anything from the start. Yet, a trace of flames could be seen surging out from her crimson eyes. But those flames instantly vanished…

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