EAA Chapter 1080


Chapter 1080 – End and Beginning Part 7

“Mister Lin,” Flame Phoenix suppressed her heartfelt laughter as she continued with a caring gaze, “You are having a nosebleed…”


Lin Ru Suo instantly leaped up to his feet and touched his nose. When he opened his hand once again, crimson red blood entered his sight making a trace of awkwardness appear in his eyes.

“It was from the fall. Hehe! Lady Flame Phoenix, you don’t need to worry. I’m fine.”



Flame Phoenix finally couldn’t hold back her laughs. She covered her red lips with a hand before smiling and said, “Mister, that fall of yours is rather impressive in making a God realm expert nosebleed.”

Lin Ru Sou’s face got increasingly embarrassed to the point he didn’t know where to place his hands. He just looked at the ground with a blood-red flushed face, no longer daring to look at Flame Phoenix in her eyes…

“Flame Phoenix, have you had your fun?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she asked helplessly.

Flame Phoenix stuck out her tongue as she slowly walked to Mu Ru Yue’s side. She replied, “Master, I find him funny. Hence, I teased him a little. I didn’t expect him to be that innocent, unable to resist being teased.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say further as she turned her head to face the man by her side and commented, “Since the gateway to God realm is open, let’s go.”

The man smiled charmingly, tightly embracing her to his chest. Suddenly, the two figures on the ground formed into two rays of light, soaring to the sky.

The Flame Phoenix didn’t dally as she formed into a flame light, closely following behind those two people…

Lin Ru Suo finally came back to his senses. He wiped away the remnants of blood below his nose before similarly disappearing from this land…

The large Continent of God.

Several light rays frequently landed on a small path in the forest, illuminating the entire forest…

“We’ve finally reached the large Continent of God.”

Mu Ru Yue smirked and with a gentle gaze, she looked at the man by her side and asked, “Wu Chen, where shall we go next?”

With happiness in Ye Wu Chen’s eyes, he replied with a gentle charming smile, “I don’t have anything planned for now.”

‘This is our first time coming here so we don’t know much about this place. Hence, we won’t be able to make up a perfect plan…’

“Does all of you don’t have a destination in mind?”

The eyes of Lin Ru Suo, who was following closely behind them, lit up. He rubbed the back of his head before he offered, “I wonder if you’re willing to travel with me.”

“Hmm?” Mu Ru Yue’s brow rose as she turned her head to face Lin Ru Suo. “Follow you?”

“It’s like this.” Lin Ru Suo glanced at Flame Phoenix before quickly retracting his gaze. He then looked at Mu Ru Yue and explained, “The purpose in me rushing back to God realm is due to hearing rumours that a God-King ranked demon beast egg has appeared on the God Mountain. If that demon beast egg is contracted, it will provide great benefits in the cultivation of that martial practitioner. I wonder if you are interested in that.”

“God-King?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her head to look at Flame Phoenix.

The Flame Phoenix remained silent for a moment before she explained, “God realm’s cultivation status that follows after reaching the God realm is God-General, God-King, God Emperor, God Deity respectively. Each of those realms is separated into subranks of low, middle, and high…

“Master, I’ve not told you that everyone does not start at God realm at birth. Even if they are god, they must’ve similarly cultivated from the beginning of the Houtian realm. Yet, god realm practitioners can be seen everywhere in this place!”

Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before a ray of light flickered past her eyes as she asked, “What’s your cultivation?”

Flame Phoenix chuckled as she replied, “I’ve recovered some of my cultivation after you fully contracted the Alchemy Book. Now, I’m at the God-King Realm…”

Since they were conversing with soul transmission, Lin Ru Suo didn’t know what they were chatting among themselves…

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