EAA Chapter 1079


Chapter 1079  – End and Beginning Part 6


Flame Phoenix couldn’t help but chuckle. Her smile made her impeccable face more enchanting.

The handsome youth dazed unable to shift his gaze away from her face.

‘I’ve lived for so many years. Yet, this is my face time seeing such an adorable and alluring girl.


‘Her voice nearly melted my bones…’

“Mister, you should be a person from God realm, right?” Flame Phoenix smirked charmingly as she requested gently and lovably, “My family masters and I have lost our writ tablet in entering God realm. I wonder if Mister is willing to help us out or not.”

The youth hastily nodded like the head of a pigeon as it walked and agreed, “Of course! Of course, I’m willing. Milady, please stop calling me Mister. My name is Lin Ru Suo (forest like shuttle). You can just call me by my name. I wonder what is milady’s honorable name.”

“Flame Phoenix.”

“Flame Phoenix…” The youth muttered, “Like the Phoenix within flames. It is a really good name.”

He caught Flame Phoenix looking directly at him upon making that comment.


His face instantly burned up as he stuttered, “Lady Flam-flame Phoenix, I didn’t mean to be impolite. B-but…”

“You’re really interesting.” Flame Phoenix smirked slightly as she said, “It has already been ages since I met someone as interesting as Mister.”


A clap of thunder rolled past Lin Ru Suo’s heart. He was stunned, seeming to be unable to believe his ears.

‘Is this lady complimenting me?’

The youth was instantly in cloud nine. His gaze turned increasingly bashful to the point he no longer dared to look at Flame Phoenix in the eyes…

Mu Ru Yue shook her head helplessly as she watched on as the current scene played out.

‘I didn’t expect Flame Phoenix will use such a method to rope in such an innocent youth with just flowery words…’

“Flame Phoenix, let’s go.”


Flame Phoenix lowered her head slightly with a charming smile on her face.

Lin Ru Suo finally looked at the rest at this scene upon hearing that.

One of them was a woman in snow-white robes which entered his eyes. Her hair was like a waterfall with a captivating appearance. But her expression on her face was intimidating cold.

Furthermore, there was a man by her side that looked handsome and charming. His purple eyes seemed to only be able to accept nobody except her in his eyes. The man’s slender and tall figure was being enveloped by purple robes. He looked exceptionally noble and handsome from afar, making people unable to shift their gazes away from him.

Lin Ru Suo quickly regained his consciousness from his shock. He cupped his fists and offered with a smile, “If the two of you don’t mind, please come with me.”

Mu Ru Yue smirked as she replied indifferently, “We will be troubling you.”

Lin Ru Suo no longer said further upon hearing to Mu Ru Yue’s agreement. He took out a writ tablet and faced it toward the gateway to the God realm.

Instantly, the writ tablet glowed intensely. A whirlpool was slowly formed in the sky.


Light rays shot downwards from the whirlpool, shining on the crowd.

“Lady Flame Phoenix, you just need to fly upwards.”

Lin Ru Suo soared to the sky, lowering his gaze to look at the girl below him…

He stunned subconsciously.

A breeze had blown against her hair. Her red muslin robe stuck closely to her body, exposing her mind-blowing figure.

When he looked downward, he could coincidentally see her chest within the red muslins. Her faintly discernible skin would make anyone be inexhaustibly lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Lin Ru Suo’ blood vessels instantly expanded.


He fell down from mid-air again, landing perfectly before Flame Phoenix.

He frowned from the pain. However, when he raised his head slightly, the girl’s pair of fair-skinned legs entered his eyes, making blood spurt out from his nostril…

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