EAA Chapter 1078


Chapter 1078  – End and Beginning Part 5

Zi Qian Jing smiled as he replied languish yet willfully, “I won’t be able to help them at all by heading to the God realm with them. Thus, I plan on making a trip to the purgatory. The time flow within the purgatory is different from the time flow here. Therefore, I will be able to breakthrough faster at that place…”

‘I don’t want to be a burden. But if I head to the God realm, I will only be burdening these two people…’

“Huang Er wants to be with daddy and Mummy.” Ye Si Huang gripped firmly on Mu Ru Yue’s hand. His large innocent and pure eyes emitted a bright glow.

Mu Ru Yue gave a final glance at her family members behind her that came to bid her farewell before her gaze shifted and met with Ye Wu Chen’s eyes. Her gaze became extremely warm and gentle…


“Let’s go.”

Madam Sheng Yue couldn’t help but wail in Xiao Tian Yu’s embrace after she saw those few figures walking further and further away from them.

“Elder Brother Yu, how long do you think we will be able to reunite with them after this separation? They are heading to God realm and not like other places where they can return as they like. If they meet with trouble at that place without any family support, what shall they do then?”

Xiao Tian Yu embraced the woman’s delicate figure with heartaches. He consoled, “Don’t worry. The two of them have already overcome several difficulties. They will be fine. Hence, they will surely return someday. I also believe they won’t take long to come back here from this departure…”

Madam Sheng Yue teared but she didn’t say anything else.

‘Other daughters grow up under the wings of their parents. Yet, my daughter has already experienced so many life and death crises. How can my heart not ache?

‘My expectation in life isn’t high. No matter if it is glory, riches, and influential powers, they aren’t what I want. All I want is for my family to have an ordinary and peaceful life…’

“Mother of my daughter-in-law,” Yan Ruo Xi walked to Madan Sheng Yue’s side and with a smile, she continued, “You are really belittling the two of them. They are very powerful and their innate talent is even more stunning. Nothing will be able to harm them no matter where they go…”


Madam Sheng Yue initially wanted to make more remarks, but she decided not to voice them out. But her gaze was filled with worries as she stared at the direction where the two of them had disappeared to without blinking her eyes…

“Yue Er, Wu Chen, and little Huang Er! All of you must come back here safely. I will wait for you all at home forever…”

The God realm was a sealed off dimension. If it wasn’t for the Scorching Flame Phoenix’s guidance, they would never be able to find the entrance to God realm.

“Is this God realm?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her head slightly and rubbed her chin a little with slight elations in her eyes.

“That’s right,” The Scorching Flame Phoenix looked behind and continued with a smile, “You just need to pass the gateway to God realm to enter it. Moreover, it is really simple to pass through the gateway to God realm…”

Suddenly, her gaze landed on a handsome youth that was soaring in the sky before her…

“Mister, I wonder if you can come down here for a moment.”

The youth in mid-air was originally in a rush. But when he heard such a charming and alluring voice, he couldn’t help but lower his head to look at the crowd on the ground.

With a glance, he looked at Flame Phoenix’s tremendously alluring smile.


The handsome youth’s body lost its strength, crashing heavily to the ground before Fame Phoenix from the sky.

Flame Phoenix got a fright. She asked sheepishly, “Mister, are you alright?”

“I’m… I’m fine…”

The youth climbed back up to his feet as if nothing had happened. But of course, he was biting on some grasses in his mouth…

“About this…” The handsome youth rubbed the back of his head. But his gaze swept past Flame Phoenix’s alluring face. He asked bashfully, “About this, I wonder why milady has sought for me?”

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