EAA Chapter 1072


Chapter 1072  –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 9

‘Thus, I must persevere no matter what…’

But a wave of fatigue washed over her shortly, making her sleepy. Just when Mu Ru Yue could no longer hold on, a warm large hand could be felt enveloping her hand…

“Mu Er, if you can’t persist by yourself, let us husband and wife face it together. No matter what, I won’t let you face danger by yourself.”

The man’s gentle voice was heard beside Mu Ru Yue’s ears, suddenly embracing her. She slowly opened her eyes. Instantly, the man’s handsome and charming face was reflected in her eyes…


“Wu Chen…”

“Mu Er, I’m always here.”

“That’s right, he is always by my side…’

“Mother, there’s also me.”

A childish voice was heard behind Mu Ru Yue. She turned her head slightly; her gaze landed on Ye Si Huang’s jade carved-like face.

“Huang Er, why have you come out?”

Ye Si Huang smiled candidly as he said, “There’s something bad trying to take over Mother’s soul. Hence, I’ve come to help Mother. Father, Mother, please consume my blood. With the assistance of the Devil Crystal, it can help you both breakthrough…”

Ye Si Huang took out a dagger upon saying that, cutting his wrist.

Blood spurt out from his wrist when both of them were still in shock, forming into two blood droplets entering their mouth…


Tyrannical powers expanded from both of their bodies. Mu Ru Yue directly broke through to become a demigod. However, that grandeur didn’t stop. It rose again at its greatest speed…

“This… what is going on?”

The crowd outside the black light could only feel that the ground and mountain were shaking. Following that, they saw two golden rays of light suddenly appeared, momentarily lighting up the entire Eastern Island…

People could feel the need to prostrate themselves in worship under the might of the glow, unable to shift their gazes away…


“My heavens, it is the God realm. They had broken through to the God realm!”

The crowd gasped. A bolt of lightning seemed to have struck their hearts. They widened their eyes in shock, staring in front of them in astonishment…

The black glow gradually faded. Momentarily, a couple that was embracing each other entered their eyes. Moreover, there was also an immortal child-like toddler with a jade carved-like appearance beside the couple.

He had silver hair with red eyes. He could pass as either an immortal or a devil. With the addition of his adorable childish face, it made people want to fondle him admiringly…

“Little Huang Er?”

Zi Qian Jing was stunned.

‘When did little Huang Er have such an appearance?’

“I originally didn’t plan on appearing.”

Ye Si Huang smiled candidly but with a sinister cold aura, he continued, “But some people are just forcing my hands! Since so, I can only appear…”


Ye Si Huang stood with his hands behind his back. A gale rose in his surroundings. The entire sky lost its luster. It was as though it was being covered by a layer of densely packed dark clouds…


A dragon’s roar could be heard from the pitch black sky. Following that, an enormous black figure soared over from the sky under the crowd’s gaze, quickly appearing before the crowd’s eyes.

It was an enormous black dragon. Its eyes were matchless savage without inkling humanity within them. It also glanced at the world in disdain. It was as if everyone was like ants in its jet-black eyes…

What was more stunning was the little boy standing by Mu Ru Yue’s side…

Who was this boy? How could he be able to summon such a mighty black dragon…

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  1. Their son has come out to protect both of them. Who is foolish to stand in their way now? The person wanting to crush and end Mu Rue Yue will soon be praying for a quick death.

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