EAA Chapter 1070


Chapter 1070 –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 7

‘Dan Yu… has always been using me?’

“Why are you doing this?”

“It’s really simple.” Dan Yu snorted coldly as he explained, “Although my might is rather powerful, there is a rule in the God realm stating that god can’t make their moves on mortals. Thus, I can only make use of the power of the Devil world. However, I need your help in opening the doors of the devil world. Thus, I’ve no choice but make use of you.

“Don’t worry. You have helped our ancient Dan family. My Master will surely be thankful for what you’ve done. She is just a woman. You can have as many women as you like at that time. Why do you fret being unable to find a wife then?”


Bei Jun’s complexion became increasingly gravely pale. Regret and sorrow appeared in his eyes. Suddenly, his legs knelt heavily to the ground, hugging his head tightly while wailing sorrowfully.

‘I’ve hurt her in the end…’

“Dan family?”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix was startled.


Intense flames of fury surged out from her body as she commented, “It is the people of the ancient Dan family. That’s right, the mastermind of this matter is the ancient Dan family! They actually did such a matter in order to obtain the ALchemy Book. I mustn’t let Master’s Alchemy Book fall into their hands!”

“Ancient Dan family?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her head to glance at the Scorching Flame Phoenix as she continued, “Who are the people of the ancient Dan family?”

“About that…” The Scorching Flame Phoenix paused for a moment before she continued, “It will be a long story. I will slowly explain everything to you later. But all of my injuries were caused by the ancient Dan family!”

Savageness flashed past the Scorching Flame Phoenix’s eyes when her bloodthirsty red eyes looked at the sky…

“I just don’t know who from the ancient Dan family has come here.”

‘The might of the ancient Dan family is too powerful. If it isn’t for the God Realm to have that rule, the ones that will be making their move will be the people of the Dan family…

‘Master will most likely die at that moment!’

“Mu Er, be careful!”

Suddenly, an arm tugged on her arm, pulling her into his embrace. A dagger giving off a biting cold glow stabbed into the man’s left shoulder. His blood spurted out like a jet of water, falling toward the ground like rain…

“Wu Chen!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression changed drastically. She hastily took out a pill from her storage ring and pushed it into the man’s mouth. With a worried gaze, she asked, “Are you alright?”

The pill formed into a medicinal flow that entered his body, warming the area where he had been injured.

Ye Wu Chen smirked and with a charming smile, he replied, “If you use your mouth to feed me the pill, perhaps I will recover better…”

Mu Ru Yue blushed as she glared at the man beside her and chided, “Since you can still joke around, it seems you aren’t hurt much…”

However, Mu Ru Yue knew that if this continues, all of them would be wiped out.

Her gaze darkened gradually. All of the possible solutions played through her mind, but she didn’t know how to explain it to the person before her…

Currently, the entire continent was in a perilous situation. Devil people were continuously leaping out from the Devil Deep Pool, wreaking havoc in the continent.

If it wasn’t for Murong Qing Chu to send everyone that Mu Ru Yue knew away beforehand, they would have surely died…

Bei Jun stood up slowly when he looked at the woman being protected in Ye Wu Chen’s embrace. He closed his eyes gradually, covering the pain and remorse within them.

He had never regretted so much in his life at this moment.

‘It is all due to my false step, leading to me hurting my most beloved person!

‘Furthermore, she is the person I am most reluctant to hurt in my life…’

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