EAA Chapter 1066


Chapter 1066  –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 3

“Bai Ze, you’ve belittled me a little too much. Do you think a puny wall can stop me? Hahaha! You are way too weak as compared to the current me!”

Bei Jun gritted his teeth.

‘If it wasn’t for Bai Ze’s hindering several months before, Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t have been able to return to Hua Xia nor would she be able to reunite with Ye Wu Chen.

‘Everything is all due to this man. I definitely won’t forgive him for that!’



An intense grandeur burst forth from Bai Ze’s body once again, wanting to gather another stone wall. However, Bei Jun didn’t give him another chance to do so. Countless gale accumulated before him before surging toward Bai Ze…

When Zi Qian Jing looked back, he coincidentally saw such a sight. His heart abruptly stopped beating. Sorrow filled his handsome face.

“Uncle Bai Ze!!!”

He struggled with all his might to break free from Yan Jin’s grip. Yet, he used up all his strength in the end. His legs knelt down heavily on the ground as he looked sorrowfully at Bai Ze that was under attack by wind blades…



Zi Qian Jing screamed out from his heart but he already couldn’t voice out anything from his throat. Tears instantly covered his entire face…


A powerful yet sinister cold aura was suddenly felt from the back courtyard near them as the crowd watched on when Bai Ze was about to lose his life under the wind blades…

Boundless glow emitted. The wind blades shooting toward Bai Ze momentarily dissipated in the sky under the might of the glow. It was as if they never appeared in the first place…

The crowd was stunned as they turned their heads in disbelief, staring at the courtyard’s door…

A purple-robed figure slowly appeared in everyone’s sight. He had an extremely sinister yet noble and powerful grandeur. Purple Mandara flowers seemed to have bloomed under his feet as he walked toward them. When complemented by the Devil’s snare pattern on his handsome and fair face, they set each other nicely…

The crowd’s breath became sluggish at this instant. They could no longer bear to shift their gazes away from him…

In comparison to his past self, the man’s grandeur had significantly intensified. He was more like an Asura God that was able to take his enemy’s life with just a glance…


Zi Qian Jing was stunned for a moment. Following that, jubilance surged in his heart as he commented, “You’ve stopped cultivating in seclusion?”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t reply to his question. His sinister cold purple eyes landed on Bei Jun instead with a sinister cold smirk.

“Ye Wu Chen, you’ve saved Bai Ze?” Bei Jun’s eyes darkened. He said in a cold voice, “Don’t forget that this fella once loved Senior Yue in your past life and even stayed close to her side. He can totally be counted as your love rival. Yet, you saved him?”

Ye Wu Chen smirked slightly. With a sinister gaze in his purple eyes, he replied, “I just know I don’t want her sad… Hence, he… can’t die!”

“Haha!” Bai Ze laughed brazenly. He suppressed the coldness in his heart as he continued coldly, “Ye Wu Chen, there unexpectedly has such a foolish man like yourself in this world to save your love rival!”

“Bei Jun,” Ye Wu Chen stood with his hands behind his back, standing in mid-air. With his sinister cold purple eyes focusing Bei Jun and his smile becoming increasingly sinister, he continued, “Have you heard of a phrase that only a man without confidence will be concerned of having other men around his wife? It is truly a pity that I’ve great confidence in myself that no matter how many outstanding men appear by her side, the only person that can enter her eyes will solely be me… Thus, why should I care about Bai Ze’s existence then?”

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