EAA Chapter 1064


Chapter 1064  –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 1

The crowd’s breathing tightened as they stared at the black robes in mid-air. A trace of dread surged in their hearts…

He was like a devil that climbed out from hell. Each of his action and movement would greatly shock anyone…

“Bai Ze!”

Bei Jun smirked coldly. With a haughty gaze, he declared, “You shall pay a price for your foolishness!”



A black power floated out from his body at that instant. It was emitting a rotting stench as it surrounded Bai Ze.

The boundless black gale seemed to form into snakes at this moment. Their dark eyes seemed to be staring at Bai Ze…

Following that, those snakes charged toward him without any warning…

“Yan Jin, please protect the rest!”

Bai Ze’s gaze darkened. With a raise of his hand, a white glow appeared in his palm. The white glow was being emitted from within his fist. It lit up the entire world at that moment.

The man was like a mighty divine god. White glows enveloped his body. It looked so sacred that if someone gave another glance at him, it would be a blasphemy toward the man…


Bei Jun suddenly moved in a flash, landing before Bai Ze. The dark golden sword in his hand slashed downward; the entire sky seemed to have been ripped apart from it…

The atmosphere was severely tense. The crowd’s breath tightened subconsciously as they stared at the two people battling in mid-air.


The two swords collided in the sky. A mighty rebound force was emitted from their swords, giving rise to a perilous situation.


Bai Ze was forced to retreat two steps with a trace of blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth.

“Hmm?” Bei Jun frowned slightly. He then said coldly, “I didn’t expect for you to be able to receive a move from me. However, even if that’s the case, that move of mine would definitely have severely injured you. Bai Ze, you aren’t my match!”

Bai Ze raised his head slightly. His snow-white long hair brushed against his handsome face. He had a determined gaze.

He gradually stood up with his body blocking in front of everyone. His white robes fluttered slightly among the wind. He was like an almighty divine god that was magnificent and powerful.

“Even if I can’t defeat you, I will remain standing to the end! I certainly won’t let you hurt anyone she cares for as long as I can still stand.”


Bei Jun laughed brazenly. Black power rose up from his surrounding, slowly forming into an alarming mighty storm in the sky.

“Bai Ze, no matter what you do for her, her heart will always belong to another man! She won’t fall in love with you no matter what you do for her! Hence, I won’t be a fool like yourself. I will confine her to my side out of love, making her belong to me forever.”

Bei Jun’s eyes were slowly taken over by madness. He had a sinister smile on his ice-cold face under the dark golden mask. He gave Bai Ze a death stare.

Bai Ze chuckled.

His smile wasn’t the initial haughtiness and indifference. It was gentleness instead.

“Bei Jun, I am wholeheartedly willing to do anything for her no matter how much I have done for her. This has been my decision from the moment I’ve formed the contract with her at the beginning. I won’t ever regret forming a contract with her for all my life and eternity!”

‘I will never leave or abandon you for all my life and eternity!’

The young girl’s voice was still lingering in his ears from the initial contract, making him unable to forget forever.

‘For those words, I will no longer have resentment or remorse in the rest of my life even if I am to lose my life.’

“Bei Jun, I’ve told her this before. He gives her happiness. But I can help her protect that happiness… You will never understand the feelings between the two of us for all your life.”

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