EAA Chapter 1062


Chapter 1062 – Danger! Bei Jun Appears Part 5

Zi Qian Jing smiled bitterly as he said, “If Father and Mother were here, they will certainly have a solution. It’s a pity that I’m far inferior as compared to them…”


A palm strike came over at this moment. Zi Qian Jing’s expression changed. He immediately pushed Zi Shao away from his side, getting ready to receive that strike.

When he wanted to raise the weapon in his hand, he abruptly discovered that he no longer have any strength. Sweat rolled down profusely from his forehead. His gravely pale face looked at the elder that was nearing him…



He discreetly gritted his teeth. Death was really close to him at this moment.

“Jing Er!”

When Zi Shao turned her head, such an alarming sight entered her eyes. Her heart nearly jumped out from her chest from her fright. She no longer cared about anything other than rapidly dashing toward Zi Qian Jing…

But she was obviously too late…

The elder had already reached before Zi Qian Jing. His sword had swung downward, carrying an intense gale with it…

Despair filled Zi Shao’s heart. Pain and sorrow gathered in her eyes. But she could only watch on as that sword was about to land on Zi Qian Jing’s neck. A heart-wrenching pain was felt at this instant…


A white glow flickered behind the elder’s back. His body instantly shuddered. Blood spurt out from his back. Following that, the elder’s body crashed heavily on the ground…

White robes entered the crowd’s eyes the instant the elder fell to the ground…

The man had an aloof expression as he looked downward at the elder from mid-air. White hair fluttered slightly among the wind. He had an arrogant expression like a monarch looking down on the world on his handsome face.

He was like the almighty Sky God. His gaze was filled with disdain for the world.

“Bai Ze and also… Yan Jin?”

Zi Shao’s heart shuddered. She blinked her eyes dazedly at the two men that appeared out of thin air.

Yan Jin moved in a flash, landing before Zi Qian Jing. He had a domineering smile on his face with a haughty gaze in his ink-black eyes.

In comparison to Bai Ze who was like a divine god, he was like the monarch in the human world. He naturally carried a domineering grandeur.

However, the sky distorted the instant they appeared.


A space rift had appeared in the original sky filled with a red glow. Following that, a dark golden figure walked out from that gap.

The man had a dark golden mask on his face. Coldness was constantly emitted from him. A dark golden glow flashed past his eyes, intensifying the black-robed man’s cold aura.

“Bai Ze, you all finally appeared. I thought you two planned to continue hiding! Haha!” The man laughed brazenly. With a sneer on his face, he continued, “But so what? I am already a demigod. Those people will also be coming soon. Now, who will be able to help you all? If you pass me that item, perhaps I may spare you your lives!”

Bai Ze’s expression was indifferent. He looked coldly at the man’s crazed dark golden eyes. He spoke in a laid-back tone, “I’ve already destroyed that item. It is impossible for you to obtain it.”


Grandeur abruptly surged forth from Bei Jun’s body. But he quickly regained his calm.

“Bai Ze, do you really think I will believe that? Nobody will be able to destroy it even if it is you! This entire continent will soon be governed by our North Devil Palace! There will only be an outcome for anyone that defies my order. It shall be death! She will leap into my embrace once I govern the entire continent!”

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