EAA Chapter 1061


Chapter 1061 – Danger! Bei Jun Appears Part 4

“Now, I shall let you all see who really is the trash! Everyone, let’s kill this group of people!”


Everyone charged at this instant.

The battle erupted instantly…


Blood momentarily flowed down from the sky. There were frequently people crashing onto the ground from the sky.

No matter what, the people of the North Devil Palace were inferior to Zi Qian Jing’s and the rest in battle power. Yet, their advantage was in their numbers.

There were several people that crashed to the ground but they were quickly replaced by another group of people. No matter how powerful Zi Qian Jing and the rest were, there were still moments when they were exhausted fighting against so many Supreme Realm practitioners…

Zi Qian Jing’s silver long robes were shortly drenched in blood. It was like an enchanting rose that was glimmering in the sky, breathtaking.

Even the description driving everyone insane from his appearance would still be hard to depict the man’s appearance…

“There are too many of them. This isn’t going to work if it continues at this rate.” Zi Qian Jing frowned slightly. He turned his head to look at the back mountain behind him where Ye Wu Chen was training in seclusion. He was inwardly worried.

‘If he comes out from training in seclusion, perhaps he will be able to defeat all these people…

‘But he is at the most critical moment in his cultivation now. If I was to disturb him now, it will be unknown when he will be able to gain such a chance in gaining such insights in cultivating again…’

“Jing Er, be careful!”

Zi Shao’s worried voice was heard by Zi Qian Jing. He hastily regained his focus.


His sword blocked the other’s sudden attack. With a twist of his sword, he penetrated his enemy’s chest. Boiling blood instantly spurted out, dyeing the entire sky red…

Zi Shao heaved a sigh of relief when she saw he wasn’t hurt, paying full attention in dealing with the enemies before her…

This battle had lasted for an entire day and night.

Mo Fei blocked the other’s attack. His elderly face was full of sweat with a feeble expression on his face. He was already exhausted at this moment. Even the hand that was holding on his sword was trembling slightly.


A leg mercilessly kicked on his chest. His body momentarily dropped to the ground. Simultaneously, a man holding a sword aimed and pierced his sword toward Mo Fei’s throat.


Yet, when the sword was about to reach his skin, a figure blocked before him. That person used his sword to block that person’s sword.

“Mo Fei, are you alright?” Yao Sheng turned his head to look at Mo Fei and asked hastily.

Mo Fei chuckled bitterly.

‘The Martial Sect and the Alchemy Sect had always been at each other’s throat all these years. Currently, the person that saved me at the critical moment was someone that always had been my opponent…’

This kind of feeling made Mo Fei feel really uncomfortable.

But the most important thing to do now was to deal with the powerful foes of the North Devil Palace…

“I’m fine.”

Mo Fei shook his head. With a cold ray of light that flicked past his eyes, he said, “I can still continue to battle! The Eastern Island can only regain its peace on we wipe out the North Devil Palace!”

‘In comparison to the peace of the Eastern Island,  my favours and grudges I have for Yao Sheng is nothing.’

“Since you’re fine, let’s continue fighting against them together.” Yao Sheng chuckled before he shot his gaze at the enemy before him. With a flash of his body, he charged toward his enemy. A sword had appeared in his hand simultaneously as he charged…

“Jing Er.”

Zi Shao stood closely to Zi Qian Jing’s side. With a purse of his thin lips, he said, “There are too many enemies. If this continued, even if we don’t die from under their hands, our people will die from exhaustion. I wonder if you have any solutions to this situation.”

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