EAA Chapter 1057


Chapter 1057 –Regarding Posting Of Chapters And The Future Contents Of The Book

This chapter is free. I post it here as I fear some readers will fail to see this notice.

Firstly, I want to apologise.

My computer is faulty. The internet connection will always be unable to connect late in the night so I can’t post chapters. It isn’t morning yet so I have to wait for the repair shop to open before I can send my computer for repair. Hence, I will post a chapter at an internet cafe so as to prevent you all for waiting…

My phone was out of credit yesterday so I was unable to use my phone to inform everyone not to wait up for the chapter…


I will post the chapter before 11 pm from now on so as to prevent such incidents from happening again. No matter how much I write, I will post it before 11 pm. If I failed to post by 11 pm, it will mean that my internet connection has a problem again. Thus, don’t wait up during that case and just wait for the next day for the new post.

I previously was greedy for cheap internet cost and my hometown can’t be moved. Thus, so many problems cropped up. I may change the telecommunication after the contract is up…

On another note, I will be starting a new arc. Actually, I originally wanted to finish the novel once the female lead becomes a god. However, I just realised I forgot to write up the story about how Xiao Bai’s parents became gods. I had recently just remembered about their existence. If I don’t write about them, I just feel that this novel won’t be complete without mentioning it. Furthermore, I am revising the current edition so the new contents will be rather unstable.

However, I won’t be writing much longer for this novel. Hence, I had drastically shortened the contents for the purgatory. I haven’t written up much for the new contents. I may die from exhaustion if I continue writing up.

I recently met with a couple of writer’s block but I won’t be stuck once I get started on the new contents. Please believe me when I say that the new contents of the novel will be more exciting than from the previous parts of the novel… I will increase the couple’s interaction time.

Little Huang Er’s genuine identity shall also be revealed in the new contents of the novel…

Lastly, I shall secretly let all of you know that I will be competing with a cute girl from 69shu in writing words next month regarding who can post more chapters… The person that lose will have to post a naked picture(?)1. Hahaha! Everyone, please cheer me on…

Similarly, please cheer me on so that I can finish this novel earlier than expected.

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  1. Miki: The raws said Fruit Picture but it won’t make sense that way. Hence, I believe it should be naked picture as the Chinese character for naked is somewhat similar. I’m not sure.

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  1. heck, you should definitely translate the author’s notes, I think the insight into how he felt writing to be pretty interesting personally. Lazy translator

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