EAA Chapter 1054


Chapter 1054 – Departure and Return Part 3

That’s right, she had indeed taken out her Phoenix Furnace…

Simultaneously, she had taken out medicinal ingredients.

“Refining pills?” The city owner was stunned for a moment as he continued, “I’m already a demigod. Do you think you can do anything to me with your alchemy skills? Even if you have refined a Heaven Stage Peak Rank pill, it won’t be able to do anything to me.”

‘As for Divine Stage pills…


‘Can it be possible?

‘There certainly isn’t any Divine Stage alchemist expert within the sixth layer of the purgatory! Even if she is a person of the seventh layer, she similarly is unable to refine a Divine Stage pill.

‘Furthermore, people from the higher levels of the purgatory won’t be able to come down to this layer. Thus, even if she is an alchemy genius, she at most should only be able to refine a Heaven Stage Peak Rank pill…’

“Hmph! I shall see how capable you are.”

The city owner snorted coldly but he didn’t stop Mu Ru Yue. In his point of view, there was nothing Mu Ru Yue could do to turn the table around. Hence, so what if he waited for her?

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath before taking out the Flame Dragon Fruit that she had previously obtained from the purgatory forest.

‘The Flame Dragon Fruit is a medicinal ingredient in refining Divine Stage pills. Currently, I only have a stalk of Divine Stage medicinal ingredient in my hands. Hence, I have only one Flame Dragon Fruit to refine…’

The content of the Alchemy Book flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s mind, making her eyes light up gradually.

“Fire Divine Pill!”

‘With the combination of the Flame Dragon Fruit and Other End Of The World Grass, I can refine a Fire Divine Pill! This Other End Of The World Grass is a ten thousand years old medicinal plant. Moreover, I coincidentally have this Other End Of The World Grass medicinal plant in my possession that can be used to refine a Heaven Stage Peak Rank pill…’


With a flip of Mu Ru Yue’s palm, flames were instant ignited into the furnace. The glow from the flames made her appearance more alluring…

White robes fluttered slightly among the dancing gales. The woman had a serious expression on her face as she focused her gaze on the Phoenix Furnace before her…

Everyone held their breath as they stared at Mu Ru Yue.

Mysteriously, nobody said anything at this moment. Yet, everyone believed that even if she is able to refine a Heaven Stage Peak Rank pill, it will still be impossible for her to defeat Lord city owner…

Time gradually flowed.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression became increasingly pale. A thin layer of sweat covered her forehead. Her feeble expression made it seem that she was going to collapse to the ground at any moment…

The city owner smirked mockingly. With an expression filled with disdain, he persuaded, “Little girl, you should just stop forcing yourself. You won’t be able to defeat me no matter how hard you refine the pill. Hence, why do such an unnecessary act? You should just await death. You’re just doing useless struggles which won’t do anything good for you!”

His voice seemed to not have entered Mu Ru Yue’s ears. Her gaze was locked onto the Phoenix Furnace from the start with a serious expression.

Suddenly, enemies surged out from somewhere, replenishing her deficiency in energy. Under the replenishment of gentle energies, her original gravely pale face gradually recovered its rosiness…


The city owner was slightly startled.

‘Her body seems to have a treasure that enables her to restore her energy anytime. If I can obtain that treasure, my might will surely improve to the next level.’

Greed flashed past his eyes when he thought about that, staring at Mu Ru Yue…

“Xiao Yue…”

Mo Xi’s heart shuddered slightly. A layer of faint worries appeared in his large, clear eyes. He looked at Mu Ru Yue without even blinking his eyes.

Only a figure could be seen reflected in his eyes…


Suddenly, the entire land quaked at that moment, making everyone’s expression stun with gazes filled with shock…

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