EAA Chapter 1050


Chapter 1050  – Breaking Through To The Supreme Realm Part 4

“She had ended her life by herself!”

‘It is certain that the woman won’t be able to survive jumping into that lava…’

The little princess sighed with pity as she lamented, “I really liked that Sky Wolf but it has been implicated by her…”

“Don’t fret. I will help you seek a better demon beast.”


The City Owner patted the little princess’s head gently. With a benevolent glow emitted from his eyes, he continued, “Let’s go. It is impossible for that woman to survive from that. We shall head back to the Purgatory City now.”

The little princess blinked her eyes and nodded slightly. But a trace of malicious glow flashed past her eyes.

‘This is the outcome for offending me!’

Following that, she followed behind the City Owner to head away from the volcano disappearing from the sky that was filled with a red glow…


Currently, Mu Ru Yue could only feel such a sensation.

Magma enveloped her body. Scorching heat seemed to have infiltrated her soul. It seemed to be capable of burning her soul…

“Mother, you must remain conscious. You certainly cannot lose your consciousness.”

Ye Si Huang became anxious, wanting to break out from the Alchemy Book. Nonetheless, Mu Ru Yue’s consciousness was really weak now so he couldn’t leave the Alchemy Book…

‘If I have my past life’s power, perhaps none of this would have happened!’

But Mu Ru Yue was already struggling to stay awake from her fatigue. Her entire body was lying within the magma, being surrounded by a scorching heat that was burning her soul. Her consciousness was constantly slipping away.


Ye Si Huang panicked as he collided against the Alchemy Book’s boundary with all his might, wanting to exit the Alchemy Book to help Mu Ru Yue. After all, he could only be able to protect her once he left this place…

Mu Ru Yue shut her eyes from her fatigue as though she couldn’t hear his voice.

The Fire Sea Purgatory was a place different from any others. The heat at this place was unbearable for Mu Ru Yue even as a fire elemental martial practitioner.

“Mother, have you forgotten about Father? He is still waiting for you. You must maintain your consciousness!”

The boy’s childish voice was like a heavy hammer that struck on Mu Ru Yue’s heart, making her body stiffen uncontrollably.

‘That’s right, Ye Wu Chen is still waiting for me. I must not lose consciousness no matter how much pain I am suffering…

‘Otherwise, I will be obliterated by this volcano.’

Yet, the wave of fatigue ran over her again. A familiar voice from a distant place was heard by Mu Ru Yue when she was at her limit.

“Life and Death Contract, sharing of lives!”

A ray of light descended from above the fire sea, illuminating the entire fire sea. Mu Ru Yue slowly opened her eyes. Instantly, a figure walked out from a shattered void walking toward her…

The youth was being enclosed by a layer of glow. A faint smile graced the youth’s handsome and fair face. There was a captivating luster being emitted from his deer-like eyes. He gradually extended his hand toward Mu Ru Yue, smiling adorably.

“Xiao Yue, I’ve come looking for you…”

‘That’s right, I’ve finally found her. I will stay by her side this time, never separating from her…’

“Mo Xi…”

Mu Ru Yue moved her thin lips slightly as she called out gently.

‘Previously within Realmless, he used the Life and Death contract to save my life when I was in a life-threatening situation. However, in the end, I had temporarily severed the contract with him for his safety leaving him in the Mo family…

‘I didn’t expect this youth will save my life once again when I was close to death again this time…’

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  1. Ahhhh momooooooo!!!!!! This is seriously a reverse harem ???? even her sons are handsome. With the appearance of mono, Huang Er will be jealous again ?? thanks as always miki ?

    1. Post

      It is the demon beast that Mu Ru yue came across when she was finding Wu Chen in Realmless. Mo Xi have a Supreme Realm Grandpa. Since Mu Ru Yue was in danger at that time, the grandpa wanted Mu Ru Yue to terminate the Life and Death contract with Mo Xi. Since Mo Xi loved being with Mu Ru Yue, The grandpa made a compromise that he can be with Mu Ru Yue once he becomes a Supreme Realm practitioner for his safety.

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