EAA Chapter 1049


Chapter 1049  – Breaking Through To The Supreme Realm Part 3

Red hair flashed past moving along with the wind. There was a never seen before determination in the man’s red eyes…

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but remember the scene where Feng Jing Tian’s red robes when he previously took a blade for me in the North Devil Palace at this moment. Her heart ached.

“Feng Jing Tian, leave!”

She panicked so much that even her voice changed as she yelled shakily.


Feng Jing Tian didn’t say anything. With a smile, he used his red robes to protect her within his chest.

With affection-filled voice, he said, “I’m already satisfied with you coming here for me… I will no longer have regrets in this life anymore.”

The man’s voice was like a heavy hammer that struck on Mu Ru Yue’s heart, making her heart shudder. Boundless dread took over her entire might. She wanted to push Feng Jing Tian away but realized she didn’t have the strength.

‘So this is the might of a demigod?

‘I’ve always thought I’m already powerful enough. But now, I understand how insignificant I am when compared to a demigod…’

“Mother, quickly escape!”

Ye Si Huang’s shaky voice was heard from within her soul, “I’ve not recovered my might yet so I can’t help you to counter his aura pressure. You must quickly leave this place. Quickly leave, Mother!”

Mu Ru Yue seemed to have not heard what Ye Si Huang said as she stared at the old man standing behind Feng Jing Tian. A trace of glow flickered past her eyes.

“Xiao Bai!”


An alarming roar was heard from behind. When the elder was startled, the enormous white dragon that was lying in its pool of blood gradually raised his body and used all of its might to strike at the elder’s back.


The elder was sent flying from the sudden attack. At that instant, the pressure he was emitting disappeared. With a wave of her hand, Mu Ru Yue said, “Xiao Bai! Xiao Yue! The two of you leave this place first!”

Instantly, three rays of lights shone past. The three figures that were still on the ground previously had instantly disappeared without a trace or shadow. It was as if they weren’t there at all from the start.

Mu Ru Yue finally heaved a sigh of relief after keeping the three of them within the Alchemy Book. She raised her head to look at the City Owner’s ashen complexion as she smiled lightly and commented, “I finally don’t need to worry about anything.”

The City Owner narrowed his eyes as he locked on his gloomy gaze on the woman’s face. He snorted coldly as he mocked, “You are seeking death! You aren’t a match of me even with their assistance. Hence, what can you do by yourself?”

He no longer dallied upon saying that, moving a flash toward Mu Ru Yue. His grandeur surged forth from his body. It formed into a gale that momentarily struck on Mu Ru Yue’s body.

Mu Ru Yue was sent flying several meters away. Following that, she didn’t waste any moment to run away from that place.


The City Owner’s eyes narrowed slightly. He moved in a ray of light dashing toward the woman that was running away from him at his fastest speed…

Mu Ru Yue’s heart became gloomy as she noticed that the elder was about to catch up to her and there was a volcano before her.

‘It can’t be I don’t have a way to get out from this situation, right?


‘Ye Wu Chen is still waiting for me on the Eastern Island. No matter what, I must return back to his side…’

“Mother, quickly jump down.”

Ye Si Huang’s voice was anxious, filled with worries.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at the elder that was quickly nearing her. She then no longer hesitate to jump into the churning magma before her.


The City Lord hastily halted his steps. He looked coldly at the bubbling magma, smirking.

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