EAA Chapter 1042


Chapter 1042 – Fire Sea Purgatory and Feng Jing Tian Part 3

“Here you go.”

With a turn of Mu Ru Yue’s palm, she took out a pill from her dimensional storage ring. She continued, “You must remember to give it back to me once you finish researching on it.”

Lu Yang’s body’s body shuddered once he felt the power within the pill. He exclaimed in disbelief, “I am already a Heaven Stage High Rank alchemist but I can’t tell what this pill is comprised of. Can it really be a Heaven Stage Peak Rank pill?”

Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill?



Everyone shot their gazes at Mu Ru Yue with shock in their eyes.

Ho… how was this possible?

How could she possess a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill?

Everyone was stunned at this instant, especially Emperor Leng who was incredibly remorseful.

‘If I knew she possesses a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill earlier on, I won’t treat her like how I did previously no matter what…’

“Lu Yang, let’s go.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze as she continued, “Now, we have a more important matter to settle. We can’t continue to dally here.”

“Understood, Master.”

Lu Yang responded respectfully. His expression was akin to treating Mu Ru Yue as his Grandmother.

“Team leader.”

Yin Ling pursed her lips tightly as she shifted her head to look at Leng Yan who was still staring at the direction the white robes had disappeared to. She blinked her eyes and asked, “Where shall we go now?”

Leng Yan remained silent for a long period of time before he slowly said, “To the Seventh layer!”

‘Seventh layer?’

Yin Ling was stunned as she persuaded, “Team leader, won’t that be too dangerous? We will be seeking death by heading to the Seventh layer without a cultivation of at least at the Spiritual Realm.”

“Ling Er,” Yin Feng smiled and explained. “Haven’t you heard that the higher we go in the layers of the purgatory, the energy of each of those layers intensify drastically? Since Lady Mu gave us such a great pill, we mustn’t waste it. We can only be able to chase after her step by doing this. Otherwise, Lady Mu will only advance further away from us to the point that we will be left behind forever…”

Yin Ling quietened.

‘I understand that what Father said is really logical. If we want to chase after her steps, then… we must be prepared to risk our lives.’

“Alright, let’s head to the seventh layer of the purgatory!”

The Fire Sea Purgatory was located at the far west of the sixth level of the purgatory. The entire area was filled with a sea of flames. There were people frequently being thrown into the sea of flames to be punished within the Fire Sea Purgatory.

There was a large door outside the Fire Sea Purgatory. There were two guards guarding outside the doors. They both had such solemn expressions that they seemed to be statues.

“Stop right there!”

When the two guards saw a woman heading their way, they hastily raised their swords to block her path.

“Show your pass of entry!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow, taking out the writ tablet that Huo Yan had given her. She then asked indifferently, “Will… this suffice?”

The guards moved to the sides of the door after confirming the authenticity of the writ tablet.

Clang! Dong!

The enormous doors slowly opened. At that instant, a heat wave could be felt from it.

“You can enter now but you must come back out here in an hour.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly. She kept the writ tablet, walking into the sea of flames.

A scorching heat could be felt from the sea of flames at that moment, making her body shudder a little.

“This place is worthy to be called the Fire Sea Purgatory. I have just entered it but I am barely able to withstand the heat. I wonder where Feng Jing Tian is. Now, the most crucial task is to find him…”

There were countless spirits being confined to iron chains within the purgatory. Mournful anguished wailings could be heard throughout the entire sea of flames, making Mu Ru Yue’s gaze to gloom gradually.

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