EAA Chapter 1039


Chapter 1039  – Alchemy Book? Part 7

Leng Yuan was completely stupefied.

‘These people are real idiots. Are they really going to try to chase them out? Hasn’t they see that the Supreme Realm elder’s expression had already turned unpleasant?’

He retreated a couple of steps upon thinking about that.

‘I must keep some distance away from those idiots. I’m afraid I will get implicated by them…’


“You’re really a bunch of idiots!” Lu Yang sniggered as he mocked, “How dare act so brazenly before your Grandfather Lu by those measly capabilities of yours? You’re seeking death!”


A mighty gale rose from Lu Yang’s body, landing on those people’s chest. Those guards were sent flying away before they could even reach Mu Ru Yue…


Shen Mo gasped as he commented, “Supreme Realm!”

‘This elder is at the Supreme Realm…’

“Supreme Realm?” Leng Yun was startled. His complexion increasingly became terrible.

‘A Supreme Realm expert has appeared at such a critical moment. I wonder who this old man is.’

“Senior,” He took in a deep breath to appease the flames of fury in his heart. With cupped fists, he queried, “I don’t know what grudges do the senior have to our empire, inhibiting Grandmaster Shen Mo from treating Royal Father?”

Lu Yang sniggered as he replied, “We aren’t trying to harm him but we are helping him instead. He will instantly become your puppet and die slowly once he consumes this pill!”

As a Heaven Stage High Rank Alchemist, Lu Yang naturally understood what kind of pill was the Purple Spiritual Pill.

‘I really don’t know if this Emperor of this empire is an idiot or not. We are trying to save him. Yet, he thinks we are trying to harm him.’

Leng Yun’s complexion was unpleasant as he rebuked, “Senior, please stop venomously slandering Grandmaster Shen Mo!”

“Alright!” Lu Yang looked coldly at Shen Mo as he compromised, “You just have to swallow this pill. If you dare to consume it, I shall willingly concede defeat! As for the life of this emperor, my Master can treat him without an inkling doubt. Isn’t that right, Master?”

Lu Yang looked smilingly at Mu Ru Yue as he said the last statement flatteringly.


Everyone’s heart shuddered upon hearing that title.

A bonafide Supreme Realm expert was calling her his Master? Could it be their ears had turned faulty?

She Mo’s expression was grim as he said, “What if she fails?”

“If she fails, I, Lu Yang, will willingly forfeit my life!” Lu Yang glanced at Emperor Leng that was on the bed and said, “Brat, if you die, you can have me, a Supreme Realm expert, die along with you. It should be really glorious for you.”

Emperor Leng’s heart shook with astonishment in his eyes.

‘It wasn’t due to having Lu Yang to die with me. But rather… he dared to make such a bet. Can it be there is really something wrong with that Purple Spiritual Pill?’

Emperor Huang could choose not to believe what Leng Yan had said. But it was impossible for him not to trust what a Supreme Realm expert said.

‘With Lu Yang’s ability, it will be a piece of cake for him to kill me. There won’t be any merit for him to lie to me about the pill.’

“I’m really impressed by your ability to refine a Heaven Stage High Rank pill as a Spiritual Realm practitioner.” Lu Yang looked at Shen Mo once again as he commented with a sneer, “It’s a pity but you had chosen to offend the wrong person. Old fellow, you are to swallow this Purple Spiritual Pill now. If nothing happens to you, then I, Lu Yang, shall freely allow you to do anything you want to me from now on!”

Shen Mo’s complexion was gravely pale, full of hesitation.

‘I obviously know the true effect of this pill as the person that refined this Purple Spiritual Pill. The consumer will completely become an idiot that only knows to follow orders once he consumes the pill!’

“What’s wrong? You don’t dare?” Lu Yang continued with a sinister cold tone, “Didn’t you clearly say we were defaming you? Now, you have a chance to prove your innocence! Let us see your innocence!”

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