EAA Chapter 1038


Chapter 1038 – Alchemy Book? Part 6

“You mother fucker! What nonsense are you farting with your mouth?!”

The members of the small purgatory team became enraged once they heard what he said. Their gazes were akin to want to rip Shen Mo’s corpse into tiny pieces.

“What bullshit alchemist you are? You’re just killing people! I dare to swear that there is a mind-controlling medicinal ingredient within that Purple Spiritual Pill. If you are still unwilling to admit, you can consume it to prove your innocence!”

Hmph!” Shen Mo snorted coldly as he rebuked, “If I have a few of the Purple Spiritual Pill or have enough medicinal ingredients to refine another of that pill, I, Shen Mo, will definitely consume it in front of all of you! It’s a pity that the Purple Spiritual Pull is tremendously precious. I can only refine a pill at a time. Therefore, with the lack of medicinal plants to refine another Purple Spiritual Pill, His Majesty can solely wait for his death once I consume this pill…”



Just when Yin Feng and the rest wanted a say more, they were interrupted by Leng Yun’s mockery speech.

“Fifth Royal younger brother, if you are jealous of me, you can just tell me that directly. I am willing to do anything for Royal Father after all. Thus, I had invited Grandmaster Shen Mo. In comparison, you refuse to do anything for Royal Father. However, you interrupt me just when I was about to succeed in treating Royal Father. You really are unworthy to be my brother with such jealousy-filled heart!”

Leng Yan clenched his fists tightly as he stared coldly at Leng Yun’s face.

An ice-cold voice that seemed to be as chilly as cold wind was heard behind him when Leng Yan was on the verge in giving up to his impulse to smash Leng Yun’s face with his fist.

“You can consume the Purple Spiritual Pill. I shall take the responsibility in treating his illness!”

That familiar voice made every single member of the small purgatory team stun as they turned their head around in disbelief. When their gazes landed on the woman’s face, elation surged in their heart.

“Lady Mu!”

Yin Feng was in cloud nine. He didn’t expect to see Mu Ru Yue appear at this place…

The Eldest Prince Leng Yuan was standing quietly by the side from the start, watching the show. Yet, he suddenly heard that voice. When he shifted her head to look at the source of that voice, he seemed to have been scared witless…

‘Why is she here?’

Suddenly, Leng Yuan’s body trembled. His handsome face turned gravely pale due to fear.

‘This woman is obviously a devil, especially that elder by her side. He is a bonafide Supreme Realm expert! Furthermore, by the looks of this situation, she seems to know Fifth Royal younger brother.’

Leng Yuan’s Adam Apple rolled slightly. With his gaze stuck on the woman’s flawless face, he said in a low and heavy tone, “You have come?”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly as she explained, “I heard that something had happened to you so I’ve come to have a look.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head to face Shen Mo upon saying that. With a slight smirk, she taunted, “I don’t know if you dare to consume that pill you had refined. As for his life, I can save him. Hence, you don’t need to feel burdened!”

Shen Mo’s expression changed drastically. He then laughed heartily after a long time had passed. “Why should I believe what you say? If you fail to treat His Majesty, how do you intend on compensating for your mistake?”

“Since I dare to say such words, I am a hundred percent confident in treating him. Now, I wonder if you’re willing to consume your pill.”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly as she asked with a cold expression.

Hmph!” Shen Mo snorted coldly. With his complexion increasingly becoming unpleasant, he said, “I don’t know where you little girl popped up from and dared to say such brazen words. You’re only that young. What can you know? Your Majesty, since she says she can save you, please forgive me for my departure!”

Shen Mo cupped his fists as he turned around, heading outside of the room.

Emperor Leng finally had a change in his expression at that moment. He coughed drily twice before he forced himself to stand up and ordered, “Why are you all just standing there? Immediately chase these two people out of the room! Who is it that let them enter our empire?”

All of the guards in the room surrounded Mu Ru Yue and Lu Yang upon heeding to his order…

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