EAA Chapter 1037


Chapter 1037 – Alchemy Book? Part 5

However, if Lu Yang was to know that Mu Ru Yue was a Heaven Stage Peak Realm Alchemist herself rather than what he thought as her being a disciple of Grandmaster Xu Wu, would he receive a shock so great that it would make him pass out…

“Grandmaster Shen Mo, how is my Royal Father?”

Leng Yun walked in from outside the palace hall. He looked concerned at the middle-aged man lying on the bed. With a worried gaze, he said, “Grandmaster, you must treat my Royal Father no matter what. Even if you need to cut my flesh to save him, I won’t complain about it.”

When the man on the bed heard his words, he feebly opened his eyes. He looked at Leng Yun with a happy gaze.


‘In comparison to the grave and stern Leng Yan and the playboy Leng Yuan, I like this fourth son the most.

‘Not only has he invited a Heaven Stage High Rank alchemist, but he also is willing to do anything for me. I am already satisfied in having such a son in my life…

“Don’t fret. Fourth Prince, I’ve already successfully refined the Purple Spiritual Pill. Once His Majesty consumes it, it will certainly resolve the poison within His Majesty’s body.”

Shen Mo smirked slightly. He met his gaze with Leng Yun for a moment with a sinister glow that flicked past his eyes.

Leng Yun lowered his gaze to cover up his malevolent intents. He then said jubilantly, “Royal Father, did you hear that? Grandmaster Shen Mo will surely be able to treat your body. Grandmaster Shen Mo, can Royal Father consume the pill now?”


Shen Mo took a pill out from a jade bottle and delivered it before Leng Yun. “His Majesty will be able to recover completely once he consumes this pill.”

But just when Leng Yun took the pill, Leng Yan’s voice was heard outside the room, “Get out of the way!”

“Fifth Prince, His Majesty has already ordered that you temporarily is not allowed to enter the room.”


A strong force struck against the room’s door after the subordinate said that.


The guard had been tossed inside the room from outside. Following that, a grave and stern black robes walked into the room, appearing in the crowd’s gaze.

With anxiousness in Leng Yan’s eyes and with sweat-drenched hair stuck to his face, Leng Yan’s gaze landed on the pill on Leng Yun’s hand.

“You mustn’t consume that pill!”

‘There won’t be any mistake in what that woman said. If Royal Father is to consume the Purple Spiritual Pill, he definitely will be controlled by these people.

‘The outcome will be undesirable!

‘I have originally wanted to destroy the Purple Spiritual Flower on the way back to the empire. But I chose to decide to bring the Purple Spiritual Flower back and let someone inspect it in the end.

‘Yet, Shen Mo had taken the Purple Spiritual Flower away before I have the chance to inspect it.

‘If I knew this will occur sooner, I should have destroyed the Purple Spiritual Flower once I’ve found it…’

“Enough!” Emperor Leng’s gaze turned grim. He chided with a feeble yet enraged-filled voice, “Leng Yan, it can’t be that you don’t want my body to be treated, right? There won’t be any problem with the pills refined by Grandmaster Shen Mo. Otherwise, it will ruin all of his reputations.”

“Royal Father!” Leng Yan’s gaze wasn’t as grave and stern as before. With an anxious gaze, he explained, “If you consume that purple Spiritual Pill, you will definitely be under their control!”


Shen Mo tore down the bed’s curtain. With his complexion turned ashen, he looked at Leng Yan’s sweat-covered face as he rebuked coldly, “What does the Fifth Prince mean by saying that? Can it be you’re doubting my skills? If it wasn’t for His Highness Fourth Prince beseeching me by paying me several visits to ask for my help and even knelt down before me all due to requesting for me to save His Majesty’s life, I wouldn’t have come to treat him!

“You are both similarly sons of His Majesty. Yet, the disparity between the two of you is so great. I wonder if it will be the empire’s sorrow to have such a prince as yourself within the empire.”

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