EAA Chapter 1036


Chapter 1036 – Alchemy Book? Part 4

Lu Yang was protecting Mu Ru Yue by her side inside a restaurant. His subservient gesture and expression weren’t like the one that belonged to an almighty Supreme Realm expert.

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was sitting opposite of yin Ling inside the restaurant. She gradually said after a long period of time, “I seemed to have heard you mention about the Alchemy Book just now…”

“That’s right,” Yin Ling pursed her lips slightly as she explained, “I’ve heard Team leader mention it before. Team leader’s grandfather had coincidentally obtained a book. The book’s title wrote Alchemy Book. It is rumoured that the person that possesses the Alchemy Book will be able to become the world’s strongest alchemist. However, the Alchemy Book isn’t something that anyone can utilise. Only the fated owner of the Alchemy Book will be able to use it…”

Yin Ling’s complexion became slightly pale before she continued with helplessness in her tone, “Following that, Team leader’s grandfather passed the Alchemy Book to a close friend for him to take care of the book at his death bed. He also asked him to find the fated owner of the Alchemy Book.


“The person just now is Team leader’s elder brother. He has been using all kinds of means to get the Alchemy Book. Since the Team leader refuses to tell them the location of the Alchemy Book, he started to try and make a move on me.”

“What about the rest?” Mu Ru Yue asked indifferently.

Yin Ling chuckled bitterly upon hearing that before she explained, “Lady Mu, we haven’t told you our identities before. The Team leader isn’t an ordinary person. He is His Highness Fifth Prince of the empire. The father of the reigning emperor has always doted lots on him since young. But it also due to that love that the Team leader frequently met with mishaps and even almost lost his life for a couple of times. Following that, the father of the reigning emperor passed the Team leader to someone to take care of him instead under the name of exile.

“The Team leader has only returned back to the empire a few months ago when the emperor became critically ill… We are all people that the Fifth Prince had met outside of the empire, forming a team. We then followed him to return to the empire after knowing his Fifth Prince’s identity.”

Mu Ru Yue just silently listened without making any comment.

Yin Ling continued to explain, “Not long ago, the Fourth Prince somehow managed to invite a Heaven Stage High Rank Alchemist. They were missing a Purple Spiritual Flower as the ingredient to refine the alchemy pill. The Team leader had then set out to head to the Purgatory Forest in order to save His Majesty’s life.”

“Did you guys listened to what I’ve said previously?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened as she said calmly.

“Are you talking about the part where you had mentioned that the Purple Spiritual Flower can be used to control people’s mind? We had already told His Majesty about that. In spite of that, His Majesty trust Grandmaster Shen Mo1 (liquid ink) greatly so he didn’t listen to what we said. Currently, Grandmaster Shen Mo just needs to make the preparation for refining the pill in order to refine the alchemy pill to save His Majesty. If what you said is the truth, perhaps this is another sinister plot of the Fourth Prince…”

Yin Ling’s heart brimmed with concerns.

‘If it is really the case, I’m afraid the situation that the Team leader is in will become even more difficult…’

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue stood up from her seat as she said that apathetically.

Yin Ling was stunned for a moment before she asked, “Where to?”

“The palace!” Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly. With a glint that shone past her eyes, she continued, “Bring me to have a meeting with the emperor of the empire. I’m curious to find out what illness he is suffering from!”

Yin Ling pursed her lips slightly but didn’t reply to her.

‘Mu Ru Yue can freely use Heaven Stage Mid Rank pills. Perhaps she is a disciple of a grandmaster in alchemy.

‘With her, she may be able to save His Majesty’s life…’

Yin Ling was elated upon thinking about that. Hope soared in her heart once again.

“Lady Mu, I will bring you into the palace now. If Team leader and father are to see you, they certainly will be jubilant!”

Lu Yang snorted coldly with disdain as he looked at Yin Ling’s hopeful expression.

‘Since Mu Ru Yue is the disciple of Grandmaster Xu Wu and if she requests for Grandmaster Xu Wu to help in this case, there will surely be no illness that will be able to stump him…”

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  1. Miki: I don’t know if this Shen Mo is related to the Shen Mo in Hua Xia or not but they have the same name.

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