EAA Chapter 1035


Chapter 1035  – Alchemy Book? Part 3

“Yin Ling?” Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment. She commented with shock in her eyes, “I didn’t expect to meet with a member of the small purgatory team this quickly…”

Yin Ling looked fearlessly at the man before her on the street. A bright glow was being emitted from her large clear eyes.

Leng Yun’s expression slowly became gloomy as he ordered, “Someone, capture her and bring her back to the manor for me! Even that royal younger brother of mine won’t be able to say much in me capturing a measly commoner as a prince of the empire.”



The subordinates that were standing behind Leng Yun surrounded Yin Ling at that instant. Yin Ling that was holding onto a weapon couldn’t help but tremble subconsciously as she looked at the guards that were reeking with austere grandeur.

There were currently many passersby on the street. Yet, no one dared to help her after seeing that they were people of the Fourth Prince.

It would be a joke to help her. If they did, wouldn’t they be opposing the empire?

The Eldest Prince and Fourth Prince’s influence were rather large within the Empire of Scarlet Flame. As for that Fifth Prince, he had been exiled a long time ago. It was only until recently that he returned to the empire. Hence, his influence was naturally inferior to their influence in the empire.

Yin Ling’s face turned gravely pale. She bit down on her lip as she looked furiously at the crowd that had surrounded her.

“Haha!” Leng Yun laughed as he sniggered and said, “Yin Ling, you should just give in to your fate. No matter what, you can’t win against imperial power!”

‘I am not to be blamed for doing this. If something needs to be blamed, it is due to her being a person under Fifth Royal younger brother…’

Currently, a person pounced toward Yin Ling, scaring her to the point of instantly shutting her eyes.

Yet, the anticipated pain didn’t come even after a long time.

Yin Ling’s body shuddered. With a slight tremble of her eyelashes, she slowly opened her eyes. White robes flashed past her eyes at that moment. Those robes were so dazzling to the eyes.

“It’s you!”

Yin Ling was stunned with mixed feelings in her heart.

‘I had insulted her before. But now, I’m being saved by her again!


‘This is already the third time since she rescued me…’

“Who are you?” Leng Yun’s expression darkened as he continued, “We are catching a criminal. Let me give you a piece of advice. It is best for you not to meddle in this matter.”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she replied, “What if I persist to meddle in this matter?”

“In that case, you will also become our capture target!”


Mu Ru Yue gave off a mighty grandeur once Leng Yun said that. She shot her aura toward the person before her, sending that person flying and crashing onto the ground!

“If you’re that capable, feel free to come and catch me.”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm as she looked expressionlessly at Leng Yun when she said that in a calm tone.


Clamours instantly arose as they looked in disbelief at Mu Ru Yue. What identity does this woman have? How could she have that much courage to talk to the Fourth Prince in such a tone?

Mu Ru Yue no longer looked at Leng Yun. She shifted her head toward Yin Ling and asked indifferently, “Where are the rest of the members of the small purgatory team?”

Yin Ling blinked her eyes dazedly. With a trace of confusion, she replied, “Fifth Pri… Team leader is currently not here. There are too many things that occurred after we separated from you. Lady Mu, I wonder if you’re interested to go to that teahouse for a catch-up.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly.

‘As for this small purgatory team, I have a great impression of it. I definitely am curious as to what has happened to it during this period of time…’

Leng Yun’s gaze was gloomy as he watched the few departing figures. His gaze turned increasingly gloomy with an intense storm that flickered across his eyes.

‘No matter what, I must get my hands on the Alchemy Book!’

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