EAA Chapter 1034


Chapter 1034 – Alchemy Book? Part 2

She no longer turned her head back and walked away upon saying that. The snow white-like robes disappeared under the sunlight. The crowd couldn’t come back to their senses even after a prolonged period of time. They just looked dazedly at the direction the woman had disappeared to…

Leng Yuan’s complexion was extremely pale with terror in his eyes. It was in his wildest dream to expect that the servant by Mu Ru Yue’s side possessed such fearsome power…

It was the night. Moonlight was as tranquil as water, shining into the room and landing on the woman that was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed.


Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes. She exhaled a mouthful of air before she took out the book that she had received from Huo Yan.

“Xiao Bai, do you know what this is?”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she focused calmly on the book.

“I’m not sure.” Xiao Bai shook his head as he continued, “But this item is really similar to the Alchemy Book. I don’t know what it really is though. Mother, you can try to contract it first. Perhaps you will find out something about it that way…”

“It seems to be the only way.”

Mu Ru Yue gradually relaxed her tightly creased brows. She forced out a drop of blood from the tip of her finger.


The book gave off a powerful might. That power directly bypassed Mu Ru Yue’s mental power and penetrated into her mind. Her face paled from the pain, spitting out a mouthful of blood.



Xiao Bai and Xiao Yue’s panicked voice were abruptly heard from within her soul.

Mu Ru Yue wiped away the remaining blood from the corner of her mouth as she locked her gaze on the book in her hand.

The golden glow that surrounded the ancient book slowly faded. The room regained its tranquility again…

“I can’t. There’s a power that forbids me from contracting it. But no matter what, I will eventually figure out a way to solve this mystery by keeping it by my side…”

She kept the ancient book inside her storage ring, closing her eyes.

“The energy within this Fire Sea Purgatory is so rich. Perhaps I may be able to break through to the Supreme Realm in this place…”

‘The time of the world annihilation crisis that Murong Qing Chu had mentioned is near. No matter what, I must break through to the Supreme Realm before that happens. It is the only way for me to protect my family…’

The distance to the Empire of Scarlet Flame from the Flame City wasn’t far. It would only take five days of walking to reach the empire.

Currently, bickering voices were heard on the bustling street of the empire.

“Leng Yun (cold cloud), you guys are too much!” Yin Ling glared at him furiously. With both of her hands on her hips, she yelled angrily, “If you dare to bully me, the Fifth Prince will certainly not let you off!”

Leng Yun sniggered as he smirked with derision, “He already can’t even protect himself. How can he afford to care about a little girl like yourself? I heard that Fifth Royal younger brother is rather sentimental to feelings. I wonder if I will be able to know the location of the Alchemy Book once I capture all of his subordinates that are under his hands. Haha! Royal Grandfather had previously given the Alchemy Book to someone. Moreover, only Leng Yan knows the location of the Alchemy Book!”

‘There was a rumour long ago from within the purgatory that the person who possessed the Alchemy Book will be able to become the most powerful alchemist in the continent! Hence, I promised the grandmaster that I will help him gain the Alchemy Book in exchange for him assisting me to get the throne…’

The strive among royal kins was really serious. No matter if it was the Eldest Prince Leng Yuan or the Fourth Prince Leng Yun, they all had their own scheme…

“You…” Yin Ling was so angry that the complexion of her beautiful face had turned ashen. She glared fumingly at Leng Yun as she rebuked, “The Fifth Prince won’t reveal the location of the Alchemy Book to you!”

‘Alchemy Book?’

That sentence had been carried gradually over into Mu Ru Yue’s ears…

When she raised her gaze to look at the source that mentioned that, a petite figure was immediately reflected in her eyes.

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