EAA Chapter 1033


Chapter 1033 – Alchemy Book? Part 1

Gale abruptly arose, circling around Lu Yang.

Boundless grandeur expanded from his body. It seemed as though the entire sky was being covered by his grandeur.

The crowd couldn’t retract their gazes at that moment, looking dazedly at the man standing behind Mu Ru Yue. A chill rose from their feet to their hearts, making them shiver from the coldness.

‘Supreme Realm expert!


‘That servant is unexpectedly a Supreme Realm expert. What kind of identity does this lady have then?

‘How much might does she have to be able to keep a Supreme Realm expert as her servant…’

Leng Yuan’s expression changed totally. He couldn’t help but shudder when he thought back about what he had said just now. Dread grew in his heart…

“Huo Yan, you actually found a Supreme Realm expert to help you!” Heng Wei was so mad that his complexion turned ashen. He glared furiously at Huo Yan. His gritted teeth expression was as though he wanted to rip his corpse into tiny pieces.

Huo Yan snapped out from his initial shock. He raised his head and laughed before he mocked, “Hahaha! If you’re capable, you can also find a Supreme Realm expert to help you! It’s a pity you don’t have that kind of capability!”

Heng Wei gritted his teeth with discreet hatred. But he couldn’t do anything about it. He waved his hand and ordered with great reluctance, “Retreat!”

‘Damn it! There will be a day that I will repay the Flame City for today’s hatred!’


The originally aggressive battlefield had instantly vanished. Smoke and dust covered the battlefield, covering the somewhat miserable fleeing figures…

Huo Yan looked coldly at Heng Wei’s departing figure. With a slight smirk, he turned his head to look at Mu Ru Yue that was standing among the gale. With a trace of admiration in his eyes, he said, “Lady, it is all thanks to your assistance this time, allowing us to possess everything within the Spiritual Medicine mountain for an entire year. I shall abide by what I’ve promised to give you the Dimensional Storage treasure and also grant one of your requests.”

Huo Yan raised his hand to take out a book before placing it before Mu Ru Yue while he said that.

“This is the item that I will be giving you. Previously, a close friend from the Empire of Scarlet Flame gave it to me and asked me to help it find its predestined owner. Currently, I find that the meeting with Lady is rather fated so I shall pass this ancient book to you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered momentarily.

‘Alchemy Book?

‘This isn’t possible. The Alchemy Book is already in my possession so why has another Alchemy Book appeared? But the power emitted from this book belongs to the Alchemy Book…

‘Can it be either this Alchemy Book or the Alchemy Book in my possession is a fake?’

Mu Ru Yue suppressed her shock as she took the Alchemy Book from Huo Yan. With an indifferent gaze, she replied, “I shall keep this Alchemy Book. As for my request…”

She paused for a moment before she continued, “I want to head to the Fire Sea Purgatory!”

‘I had participated in this battle in order to find a way to enter the Fire Sea Purgatory.’

Huo Yan looked at the woman’s flawless face in astonishment. He snapped out from his shock after a long time had passed. With a wave of his hand, a writ tablet appeared in his palm.

“This is the writ tablet to be able to head to the Fire Sea Purgatory. In other words, you must have this writ tablet in order to enter that place. As for whether you will be able to reach the Fire Sea Purgatory, you will have to depend on your own might.”

Mu Ru Yue took the writ tablet and nodded slightly. She turned her head to look at Lu Yang as she said, “Let’s go.”

“Lady,” Huo Yan was stunned for a moment as he hastily said, “I am planning on hosting a celebration banquet tonight. If it wasn’t for the lady, we wouldn’t have been able to be victorious right at the start of the battle. Hence, Lady is the MVP for today’s evening banquet.”

“Don’t need,” Mu Ru Yue kept the writ tablet. She then continued with an indifferent and calm tone, “I am not interested in this kind of matter.”

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