EAA Chapter 1032


Chapter 1032  – Getting A New Servant Part 6

“Everyone,” The elder smiled at Leng Yuan and looked at the rest of the crowd before his expression instantly became cold. He said strictly, “The battle will be starting soon. Everyone is to follow me to the battlefield to fight against the White Sand City!”

Instantly, the crowd discussed among themselves with eager-filled gazes.

They wouldn’t have lived their life in vain for being able to participate in this kind of battle.

The battlefield was located at the border between the Flame City and White Sand City. The opposing forces expressed strong hostility toward each other on the enormous plain, tensing up the atmosphere in their surroundings.


“Huo Yan (suddenly flame), our White Sand City will definitely not lose this battle! The Spiritual Medicine Forest must be our possession!”

The person that declared that was the city owner of the White Sand City, Heng Wei (weight guard)!

The White Sand City and the Flame City had been constantly fighting over the Spiritual Medicine Forest for a couple of years already. They generally always battled annually. It was a pity that the strength of the forces between the two power was about the same. Therefore, Huo Yan decided to recruit other experts into the battlefield this year.

Haha!” Huo Yan laughed heartily before he rebuked with a sneer, “It may not be the case.”

Hmph!” Heng Wei snorted coldly as he said, “So what if you have the eldest prince’s help? My White Sand City will surely raze your Flame City to the ground today!”

The battle started at this instant.

Both sides no longer said anything, charging into the battlefield. Killings and yells could be constantly heard from the battlefield, shaking the crowd’s spirit…

“Woman,” The eldest prince sneered as he raised his chin. With a sinister cold smirk, he offered, “If you’re willing, I don’t mind making my men protect you as well!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything from the start. Her white robes fluttered lightly among the breeze. A faint glow emitted from her peerless face. When she was looked at a distance, she looked incredibly magnificent and breathtaking.

Leng Yuan’s gaze darkened a little. He fancied beauties by nature. He had countless beauties inside his prince manor so he naturally wouldn’t give up easily on such an impeccable target.

‘Perhaps she will leap into my embrace once she understands the danger of the battlefield in a bit…’

Leng Yuan smirked sinisterly upon thinking about that. It was as if he could already foresee the sight where such a magnificent beauty jumped into his embrace by her own will…


Lu Yang respectfully stood by Mu Ru Yue’s side as he asked, “Shall we join in the battle?”

“Let’s wait and see first.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she continued, “Let’s have a look at the situation before deciding our next move.”

As for what Leng Yuan had said just now, she didn’t in the slightest care about it…

Even though Mu Ru Yue chose not to make her move now, it didn’t represent that others would do the same. Right at this moment, a sword had slashed downwards from mid-air toward her head. The owner of the sword had a sinister cold smirk on his face.

Leng Yan felt it was somewhat a pity when he saw this scene. But his gloat over her plight overwhelmed his pity.

‘This is her outcome for not agreeing to my offer.

‘Otherwise, with the Empire by the side, how can such a matter occur…’

Everyone’s gaze shifted to the white-robed woman under the sunlight.

Gale arose. Mu Ru Yue’s hair danced wildly among the wind. She raised her ice-cold gaze to look coldly at the sword that was slashing toward her from the sky…


Suddenly, the servant by Mu Ru Yue’s side finally moved.

A storm had surged forth from his body, making the entire sky to be covered with dark clouds. Countless dust, soil, and rocks swirled up into the sky.


They crashed on the man that was in mid-air.

The man that was ambushing Mu Ru Yue had crashed heavily on the ground from mid-air before he could even react. His head tilted after he spat out a mouthful of blood, dying on the spot…

Hmph!” Lu Yang snorted coldly as he commented, “You’re only a puny little True Realm. Yet, you dared to ambush my Master with such a lowly might!”

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