EAA Chapter 1031


Chapter 1031  – Getting A New Servant Part 5

Tsk! Tsk! It seems there are a lot of people that have come to sign up for the battle between the Flame City and White Sand City this time.”

“That’s right! It has been rumoured that the city owner of the Flame city will not only grant a request for the person that made the most contribution in the battle, but also give that person a dimensional storage treasure.”

‘Dimensional storage treasure?’

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly.


‘I already have the Alchemy Book as my dimensional storage treasure. Hence, I don’t really care about that gift the city owner will be rewarding.

‘What I care about is the request that the city lord will be willing to grant.

‘Perhaps I can make use of that request to make him send me to the Fire Flame Purgatory…’

Mu Ru Yue had queued up since morning till afternoon before it reached her turn to register. When an elder that was holding a writing brush glanced at Mu Ru Yue and Lu Yang, he said expressionlessly, “Name?”

Instantly, everyone’s gaze gathered on Mu Ru Yue.

Could it be such a woman with a flawless appearance had also come to participate in the battle? If she got wounded, she wouldn’t look as beautiful.

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze was indifferent as she said calmly, “Mu Ru Yue.”

With a brandish of the writing brush, the elder wrote down her name. Yet, just when he was about to say something, a disdainful voice was heard behind them.

“As a woman, it is better to stay at home serving a husband and looking after offsprings rather than coming here to exploit an opportunity to join in the battle.”

A man of approximately in his late thirties held a folding fan in his hand walked toward them in contempt upon saying that. There was a group of people with cold gazes following behind him, enhancing his nobility.

“But…” The man lecherously sized up Mu Ru Yue as he continued, “If you’re willing to be my lover, I can protect you.”

Leng Yuan (cold source) watered in his mouth.

‘If I can obtain such a woman, I won’t be born in vain in this life.’

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze slowly darkened. With an ice-cold gaze, she shouted, “Scram!”

“You…” Leng Yuan’s expression changed. “You really are refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! Since you’re adamant, don’t you say I didn’t give you a chance!”

‘This woman’s grandeur seems too weak. She shouldn’t have much might. I really don’t know how she can have the courage to risk her life in order to get a dimensional storage treasure.’

“Your Highness Eldest Prince.”

The elder hastily stood up once he saw the man appeared. He then greeted respectfully, “I wasn’t aware Your Highness will be coming. Please forgive me for not coming to greet you.”

‘Your Highness Eldest Prince?’


Clamours suddenly erupted from the crowd as everyone looked at the man that had appeared in disbelief.

He was the eldest prince of the Empire of Scarlet Flame? They didn’t in the slightest expect to meet with the eldest prince here…

The crowd harmoniously knelt down. They greeted with a bright voice, “Greetings to Your Highness Eldest Prince.”

Leng Yuan greatly enjoyed the feeling of being revered by so many people. He subconsciously smirked in complacent as he said, “Manager-in-charge, I heard that a battle between the Fire City and White Sand City is commencing soon. Thus, I’ve come to assist.”

The elder was elated as he said, “Our Flame City will certainly be victorious with the addition of the eldest Prince.”

The crowd became excited at this moment.

The eldest Prince must have brought along several experts with him in coming to participate in the battle. There wouldn’t be a need to be fearful they couldn’t win then.

But Leng Yuan had his own personal motive in coming here.

‘Rumours had said the person that contributed the most will have a request of his own choice granted by the city owner of the Flame City. The Flame City isn’t under the governance of the Empire. Moreover, the city owner’s cultivation is really strong. If I can help him in this matter, I can completely make use of the city owner’s might to take Fourth Royal younger brother’s life.’

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