EAA Chapter 1030


Chapter 1030 – Getting A New Servant Part 4

Leng Yan shot a conflicted gaze toward the woman before him. A trace of peculiar glow flickered past his eyes. His gaze gradually became increasingly determined. He then said with certainty, “I have owed you a favour again…”

Mu Ru Yue was startled as she replied with a smile, “It is due to all of you risking your lives to protect me first.”

The crowd was stunned upon hearing that.

Yin Ling bit hard on her lip as she focused her sight on Mu Ru Yue.


‘I finally understood this woman at this moment.

‘The reason why she saved us for the first time wasn’t out of good will but due to not wanting to lose her guide out of the forest. But this time, it was due to us risking our lives to protect her.

‘Hence, she was similarly willing to risk her life to save us.’

“Lady Mu,” Yin Feng chuckled as he continued, “We will be leaving the Purgatory Forest soon. I wonder if we will still have the chance to meet each other again.”

“We will.” Mu Ru Yue gradually withdrew her smile. With a determined glow in her eyes, she said, “Since the moment all of you chose to protect me, it proves to me that you’re worthy people that I can entrust my life to. Thus, we will surely meet again in the future.”

Leng Yan didn’t say anything with his grave and stern face expressionless. He just stared at Mu Ru Yue.

“Team leader, it is getting late. Shall we make a move?” Yin Feng shifted his head to face Leng Yan as he asked with a smile.


Leng Yan nodded apathetically. With a hoarse voice, he replied, “Let’s go. Let’s continue on our journey.”

“Yes, team leader.”

What entered the crowd’s eyes once they left the Purgatory Forest was a red-painted old city door. There were two large red words on top of the city door, Flame City. Those words emitted a dazzling glow under the morning sunlight.

Mu Ru Yue halted her steps. She rubbed her chin gently as she commented, “I’ve finally left the Purgatory Forest. I am one step closer to my desired destination…”

‘Fire Sea Purgatory!’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart trembled uncontrollably when she thought about Feng Jing Tian still suffering from being tormented inside the Fire Sea Purgatory.

She took in a deep breath, suppressing her anxiety.

Leng Yan silently looked at the woman by his side.

His low, heavy, stern, and grave voice were slowly heard outside the city door, “The city owner of the Flame City should know the way in entering the Fire Sea Purgatory. I’ve heard that people of the Flame City are recently recruiting Martial Practitioners and alchemists. You can head there and give it a try.”

Mu Ru Yue remained silent for a moment before she nodded slightly and agreed, “Alright.”

The corner of Leng Yan’s lips pursed up into a cold and firm arc. He glanced at Mu Ru Yue before he turned his head to look at the rest behind him as he ordered, “Let’s go.”

“Understood, Team leader.”

Yin Feng cupped his fists as he looked at Mu Ru Yue and said with a smile, “Lady Mu, let’s meet again in the future. Please feel free to come to the Empire of Scarlet Flame to visit us. Farewell!”

He withdrew his gaze upon saying that. He followed the rest of the small team in entering the Flame City.

Yin Ling originally wanted to say something but she didn’t not to in the end. At last, she left without turning her head backward…

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she watched the group’s departing figures. She then ordered coldly, “We should also leave.”

“Understood, Master.”

Lu Yang raised his elderly face as he asked respectfully and flatteringly, “Master, are we heading to the city owner’s manor?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply to him upon hearing his question. A trace of glint flashed past her eyes.

‘I must take a risk in order to enter the Fire Sea Purgatory…’

Currently, the streets within the Flame City was packed full of people, especially outside the city owner’s manor. There were so many people that came to sign up, making it impossible to see where the door of the manor was.

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