EAA Chapter 1027


Chapter 1027  – Getting A New Servant Part 1


A grandeur surged out from his body as he walked over. Gales arose in his surroundings, making a gale circle within the entire Purgatory Forest.

The members of the small Purgatory team all had a change in their expression. It was tremendously hard to even breath under this mighty grandeur…

“I will give you a final chance. Are you or are you not going to give me that Fire Pattern Fruit?!” The elder slowly retracted his smile as he looked expressionlessly at the young girl before him.


Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the elder and with a layer of coldness in her eyes, she taunted, “If you’re capable, come and get it yourself.”

“Haha!” The elder laughed arrogantly. With a slight smirk, he continued, “Not bad! Really good! It has been such a long time since I met with a junior that has a backbone. It’s a pity this elder isn’t a merciful type of person. No matter what, I must obtain that Fire Pattern Fruit. Since you are adamant in refusing to give it to me, then… this elder can only be uncourteous toward you!”


A gale surged forth. It formed into sharp wind blades in mid-air and soared through the sky, piercing toward Mu Ru Yue.

The air seemed to have congealed at this instant but the girl just watched on coldly at the wind blades near her. She then raised her hand in a neither slow or fast pace.

A sword appeared in her hand out of thin air. A red coloured wind expanded from her hand that was holding on the sword’s hilt, enclosing her entire body as its centre.

Suddenly, the boundless red hurricane formed into an enormous sword, slashing downward from the sky…

The entire forest shuddered for a moment as the land and mountain swayed at that instant.

The elder was stunned for a moment. Perhaps he didn’t expect Mu Ru Yue to be able to receive his attack. But so what? He hadn’t used all of his might yet.

“Little girl, your might is quite good. You’re at the True Realm!”

‘True Realm?!’


Momentarily, everyone shot their gazes toward Mu Ru Yue with astonishment in their eyes. It was obvious they didn’t expect she was a True Realm practitioner.

Could it be the Purgatory would be having a drastic change in having such a youthful True Realm practitioner?


The elder snorted coldly as he said, “But you will fall today no matter how talented you are.”

He released all of his grandeur again. The elder moved in a flash, charging toward Mu Ru Yue with his hand angled like an eagle’s claw…

Mu Ru Yue dodged to a side. The elder’s claw moved past her body from her side. When she turned around, his hand that was coated with a layer of intense wind clawed toward Mu Ru Yue again.

“Lady Mu, be careful!”

Yin Feng’s expression changed drastically and couldn’t help but warn Mu Ru Yue. Scorching flames burst forth from Mu Ru Yue’s body when the elder’s claw was about to reach her.


He was pushed back a couple of steps!

Seriousness finally appeared on the elder’s face at this instant. He no longer had his initial contempt.

“I initially thought that I won’t need to use much strength in dealing with you, a puny True Realm practitioner. But from the looks of it now, it seems it won’t do unless I utilise my actual might…”

He smirked coldly. With a wave of his hand, a sword suddenly appeared within his palm.

His robes raised slightly under the might of the sword, giving off a dangerous sinister cold aura.

“Little girl, you had managed to dodge a couple of my attacks. But this time, you will die for sure!”


The intense wind from the sword when the elder brandished the sword stirred up the fallen leaves that were on the ground, even some trees were pulled out by their roots. The sky was filled with dark clouds…

Currently, heaven and earth seemed to have lost their luster. It was just like the end of the world. Black wind circled in the sky, gradually forming into a cyclone that seemed to be capable of wiping out the entire forest.

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