EAA Chapter 1026


Chapter 1026 –Burden? Shock! Part 6

Mu Ru Yue smiled. Her smile was one that brimmed with mockery. “I reject the exchange!”

The elder’s face became gloomy at that instant. He looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue and said, “I wasn’t easy for me to come across the Fire Pattern Fruit so I won’t give up no matter what. Since you’re unwilling, you will only have an outcome then…”


A mighty aura expanded from the elder’s body. It moved like howling wind and torrential rain toward Mu Ru Yue. Mu Ru Yue seemed to be like a small boat in raging waves as though she could disappear at any moment under that grandeur.



Yin Feng gasped.

‘This man is unexpectedly a Supreme Realm expert!

‘It is extremely rare for one to meet with a Supreme Realm expert. Yet, he had appeared before us as our enemy…’

Suddenly, black robes flashed past. Leng Yan was already standing before Mu Ru Yue, looking grave and stern at the elder before him.

“Team leader!”

The rest was stunned. All of their expressions had a drastic change.

Team leader had such a prestigious status. If something was to happen to him, then…

“She saved my life.”

‘That’s right, she saved my life. Hence, I can’t just watch on when she is in danger.’

Everyone mysteriously calmed down upon hearing what he said.

‘If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue’s help just now, all of us would have already died under the hands of the Eight-clawed Heavenly Pythons…

‘Since so, this woman is our life benefactor…’

Yin Ling bit on her lips. She seemed to have made up a decision as she walked to the side of Leng Yan with a clear glow in her eyes.

Yin Feng was abruptly startled. He laughed brazenly as he commented, “What do we need to fear when team leader and Ling Er aren’t afraid? Is a Supreme Realm expert that outstanding? Our Purgatory small team isn’t the type of person that is scared of death!”

‘Our many life crises had we pulled through ever since I followed team leader? How can I cower just due to facing an expert now? No matter what, we will only advance and never retreat!’

Hmph!” The elder snorted coldly. With his grandeur surging forth from his body, he said, “It seems that they are really a lot of people in this world that doesn’t fear death. Since you are seeking for death this badly, I shall send you all off to the netherworld! I will be able to satisfy your wish to live and die together and get that Fire Pattern Fruit that way…”

He released all of his grandeur at this moment, swirling up the maple leaf that was originally on the ground to the air.

Gale arose. White robes fluttered slightly. The elder had his hands behind his back with his white hairs fluttering among the wind.

Mu Ru Yue silently looked at the people that were standing in front of her, protecting her. She had mixed feelings.

‘I had saved them previously. But it is all due to wanting to leave the Purgatory Forest. Yet, these people are willing to lay their lives in order to repay the favour to me for saving their lives…’

There were times Mu Ru Yue indeed made decisions by merits. But if there were people that were sincere to her, she would certainly reciprocate their sincerity ten folds.

“The person you want to deal with is me.” Mu Ru Yue raised her head and looked at the elder’s face. With a slight smirk, she continued, “Hence, they are innocent. If you are that capable, you can come and snatch away this medicinal plant.”


The elder laughed brazenly to cover up his sinister cold gaze as he said, “Little girl, this old man had already given you a chance at the start. Since you didn’t cherish it, you can’t blame anyone for your outcome.

“The Fire Pattern Fruit is such a precious medicinal ingredient. It really isn’t worthy to be in your possession. It can’t be you hadn’t heard of a phrase ‘an ignorant man is innocent but treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’, right? Perhaps you aren’t in the wrong. But the biggest mistake you made is refusing to give the Fire Pattern Fruit to me after obtaining it!”

The elder strolled over toward Mu Ru Yue upon saying that…

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