EAA Chapter 1025


Chapter 1025 –Burden? Shock! Part 5

The Purgatory Forest looked scarlet-red under the glow of the fire in the surrounding.

Currently, the Purgatory Forest was filled with a peculiar aura. The mercenary small team that was originally advancing suddenly halted their steps. They looked seriously before them.

“Be careful! There are quite a lot of traps in this area. Lady Mu, you shouldn’t understand much of this place since you had come here for the first time. It will suffice for you to follow how we move in a bit.”

Yin Feng smiled cordially at Mu Ru Yue.


To be honest, Mu Ru Yue had a great impression of this small mercenary team. But she didn’t say anything and just smiled lightly. She tossed her gaze to the dense forest before her.


A flaming arrow suddenly soared through the sky at this moment, heading toward the crowd.

“Be careful!”

A low and heavy voice entered Mu Ru Yue’s ear. A hand had held her hand when she came back to her senses, pulling her to a side.

Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she looked at the man beside her, unable to understand his action.

“I’m sorry.” Leng Yan released her hand as he explained in a grave and stern voice, “I forgot about your might.”

‘This woman possesses such mighty power. She didn’t need my help at all…’

Mhm. That’s right…”

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue’s gaze focused on a scarlet red fruit near them. She became jubilant and commented, “Flaming Dragon Fruit?”

‘This is a Flaming Dragon Fruit that is one of the medicinal ingredients in refining a Divine Stage Pill!

‘It is common knowledge that nobody in this world has been able to refine a Divine Stage Pill. It is actually due to the difficulty in obtaining Divine Stage Medicinal plants. I didn’t expect to discover such a precious item within this Purgatory Forest.’


Mu Ru Yue moved in a flash over to the Flaming Dragon Fruit. Countless mighty grandeurs was suddenly felt at the side of the Flaming Dragon Fruits.

However, when they felt Mu Ru Yue’s grandeur, they retracted their grandeur. They regained their calm as if nothing had happened…

“I didn’t expect to find the Flaming Dragon Fruit this quickly.”

Mu Ru Yue plucked the Flaming Dragon Fruit with a light smile on her face.

‘I indeed didn’t make a wasted trip in this Flaming Forest…’

“Little girl, I wonder if you can give that Fire Pattern Fruit to me?”

An elderly voice was heard from behind her at this moment.

Mu Ru Yue slowly turned around. A person had suddenly appeared in the sky at that moment. He had snow-white robes with an immortal bone.

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow upon hearing what he said.

‘The Fire Pattern Fruit indeed looks extremely similar to the Flaming Dragon Fruit. But they have a heaven and earth disparity according to their values…

‘It could be seen that this elder’s alchemy skills aren’t very high for mistaking the Flaming Dragon Fruit as the Fire Pattern Fruit.’

“Sorry, but I can’t give it to you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice was calm and indifferent. It was as though she didn’t place any importance on his words.

The elder smiled and offered, “Little girl, this Fire Pattern Fruit is a medicinal ingredient that can be used to refine a Heaven Stage High Rank pill. It shouldn’t have much use to you. What if I am willing to use a Heaven Stage High Rank Purple Energy Pill to exchange it for that Fire Pattern Fruit? What do you think about that?”

“What if…” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before continuing, “I am unwilling to do the exchange?”

The elder’s expression darkened subconsciously when he saw that she didn’t appreciate his goodwill in offering her a compromise. “Little girl, I am already making a loss in using a Heaven Stage High Rank Purple Energy Pill to exchange for the Fire Pattern Fruit. If it wasn’t for the case that I urgently need this Fire Pattern Fruit, I wouldn’t have chosen to make such a loss. Thus, let me give you a bit of advice. You should quit when you are ahead. Otherwise, you will get nothing in the end!”

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  1. Why is it that elder people by virtue of being old think that they know everything and can bully someone younger? This trait of old people I never liked and I don’t know why universally old people share this trait.

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