EAA Chapter 1024


Chapter 1024 –Burden? Shock! Part 4

A light glow could be seen from the woman’s impeccable face. Her gaze was indifferent, completely peaceful.

“You don’t need to thank me. If all of you died here, I won’t be able to find my way out of this forest. Hence, we are just benefiting mutually…”

Yin Feng smiled bitterly. “Even if that’s so, it is the truth that you saved our lives. If we died here, we wouldn’t be able to secure the Purple Spirit Flower. Our goal in coming here is for this Purple Spirit Flower. This Purple Spirit Flower similarly has great use for all of us.”

“Purple Spirit Flower?” Mu Ru Yue was startled as she asked curiously.


“That’s right,” Yin Feng nodded as he continued, “Our team leader’s father is critically ill. We heard he could only be saved by refining a Heaven Stage High Rank pill with this Purple Spirit Flower so we took a huge risk in coming here to search for the flower. If it wasn’t for you, it would be hard for team leader’s father to keep his life.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze turned serious as she revealed, “I shall give all of you a piece of advice on the behalf of you bringing me out of this Purgatory Forest. The Purple Spirit Flower isn’t a life-saving medicine. This kind of flower can be used to control the mind of the consumer to succeed in some kind of plot.”

Yin Feng was stunned for a moment as he replied, “I-is that the truth? Team leader’s elder brother had managed to invite a Heaven Stage Alchemist  that was willing to help us refine a pill with great difficulty. If what you said was true, then…”

‘What is his motive?’

Leng Yan frowned slightly as he raised his head to focus on the girl’s flawless face.

A resolute glow could be seen on the grave and stern face as he said in a certain tone, filled with determination and strength, “I owe you a favour.”

“I don’t need you to return the favour.”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly.

‘Frankly, I had just saved these people in order to leave the Purgatory Forest.’

“No matter what, I will remember this favour.”

Leng Yan looked emotionlessly at Mu Ru Yue as he said coldly.

“Up to you.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders with a ‘whatever’ smile.

Yin Ling that was standing behind them pursed his lips slightly as she looked at Mu Ru Yue that was standing in front of her.

A trace of peculiar glint flashed past her eyes. She finally gathered her courage to work forth and apologized weakly, “I’m sorry.”

“Hmm?” Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she glanced curiously at Yin Ling. She continued, “Do you need something from me?”

“I…” Yin Ling bit down on her lip before she continued, “I shouldn’t have insulted you earlier by saying you were a burden.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded after hearing what she said. She then asked with an indifferent gaze, “When did you say those words?”

Yin Ling was stunned.

‘This woman didn’t in the slightest heard all those words that I had previously said? Had I been just muttering to myself for a long time just now?’

Yin Ling was so embarrassed that she almost wanted to find a place to hide upon thinking about that. She looked at Mu Ru Yue with a flushed face.

“Let’s go.”

Leng Yan glanced at Yin Ling before turning around to walk forth.

The team continued on their journey to leave the Purgatory Forest. But this time, none of them dared to look down upon Mu Ru Yue.

Her might could be said to be superior among the group. If she could be counted as a burden, what would the rest be?


Yin Feng sighed as he looked at his daughter. “Ling Er, there are always people more talented than you are. You can’t judge a person by their appearance. Some people are great at hiding their genuine might. You can’t judge anything just by their outer appearance…”

“Father, I understand.”

Yin Ling bit down lightly on her lip as she said, ashamed, “The best example will be this woman…”

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  1. I like Yin Ling here. She is a person who has great courage as she can admit that she was wrong and apologize to Mu Ru Yue. This is a good trait to have. I hope that she will be a good person and friend to Mu Ru Yue.

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