EAA Chapter 1020


Chapter 1020 –The Door of The Purgatory Part 5

“Mother, let’s go. This Phoenix can’t run away from us. She will be Mother’s servant once we leave the purgatory. You can torture and mistreat her all you like. Who called her to try and kill Mother just now?”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix felt a chill ran through her spine. She looked at Ye Si Huang in resentment, feeling wronged.

‘Who called the human race to hurt me before? Hence, I generally hate all humans…’

Mu Ru Yue smiled as she said, “Huang Er, return back into the Alchemy Book first.”


‘Alchemy Book?’

The Scorching Flame Phoenix’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She looked puzzled at Mu Ru Yue with a trace of shock that flashed past her eyes.

‘How can she possess the Alchemy Book? Th-this is just impossible!’

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t in the slightest see the expression of the Scorching Flame Phoenix as she was brisk walking toward the entrance of the purgatory. She inserted the key in her hand into the key opening using a lot of her strength to turn the key.


The doors opened.

Following that, she didn’t hesitate for even a split second to enter the doors of the purgatory…

Red maple fallen leaves littered the ground of the Purgatory Forest. It looked like a sea of flames from afar.

Currently, a group of people was stepping on the maple leaves within the forest, giving off rustling sounds. The sound was that crisp under the night sky.

There was a black-robed man leading the group in the forefront. His grave and stern handsome face emitted a soul-captivating glow under the moonlight. The man’s thin lips were slightly pursed up, forming a cold arc. His pitch black night-like eyes would make anyone be unable to shift their eyes away from him.

“Team leader, how long more will we be able to exit the Purgatory Forest?”

The person that said it was a petite beauty. She wiped off the sweat on her forehead and asked with slight impatience.

The black-robed man didn’t say anything. He frowned slightly as he shot an ice-cold gaze in front of him, looking at the white figure that was blocking their path…

“About this…” Mu Ru Yue asked weakly, “I’m lost. I wonder if I can follow your team out of here?”

‘I had already reached the Purgatory Forest a couple of days ago. But I had always been circling in the same area. If I can’t find someone familiar with the route out of this forest, perhaps it will be impossible for me to leave this place for eternity.’

“This lady, are you giving us a mission?”

The middle-aged man standing behind the team leader explained, grinning from ear to ear, “But if you want to hire us to bring you out of this place, you will need to give us a commission.”

“Mission? Commission?” Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment.

‘Is there really such thing as a commission in this world?’

“That’s right,” The middle-aged man nodded and continued, “We are a small mercenary team. We won’t be able to accept your request unless you pay us a commission.”

‘A small mercenary team?’

Mu Ru Yue was startled once again upon hearing such a familiar term.

‘Doesn’t only Hua Xia has mercenaries? Why is there such a thing here in a different world?’

“Uncle Zhang (camphor),” The petite beauty glared at Mu Ru Yue as she said with a sneer, “She won’t be able to pay a commission, judging by her poverty-looking appearance. Why are we doing such an unnecessary act? Moreover, this Purgatory Forest is extraordinarily dangerous. We are already having difficulty in just protecting ourselves. Why should we bring along another burden?”

Mu Ru Yue’s white robe was tattered from being torn by branches after spending a couple of days circling an area of the Purgatory Forest. It still wasn’t able to cover up her flawless appearance although it was the case.

‘It is due to that impeccable face of hers that make me a little jealous of her…’

“Commission?” Mu Ru Yue raised her lips slightly as she offered, “I wonder if a Heaven Stage Mid Rank pill will suffice.”


The middle-aged man gasped as he stared at Mu Ru Yue and clarified, “Di-did you just say pill and even a Heaven Stage Mid Rank pill?”

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