EAA Chapter 1019


Chapter 1019 –The Door of The Purgatory Part 4

The entire sea of flames regained its previous tranquility.

The Scorching Flame Phoenix was stunned as its scarlet eyes stared at Mu Ru Yue’s ice-cold face. An excitement glow suddenly appeared within its eyes.

That’s right, it was indeed excitement.

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly, obviously clueless. A childish yet gloomy voice was suddenly heard from her body when she was in doubt.


“Scorching Flame Phoenix, she is my Mother. When did you have the guts to be delusional in trying to hurt my Mother?!”


A snow-white figure moved in a flash and landed beside Mu Ru Yue.

Ye Si Huang stood by her side with his silver hairs fluttering within the sea of flames. He was as beautiful as a little immortal child. His tender jade-carved cheek would give people an impulse to pinch it hard.

However, the little boy possessed a pair of scarlet eyes. He no longer looked as innocent and adorable as before. He looked coldly at the excited Scorching Flame Phoenix.

“Yo-you are my benefactor?”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix became stirred up, staring at the little boy before her.

‘This man must be my benefactor as he had silver hair and red eyes with an appearance that could be passed as an immortal or a devil. In addition to his nostalgic aura, I can’t be wrong.

‘But why has my benefactor become a kid? There’s a heaven and earth disparity from the previous benefactor that stood at the summit of the world, looking down upon the common populace…’

“Scorching Flame Phoenix, if you still remember that I had saved your life before, immediately form a contract with her!” Ye Si Huang pointed at Mu Ru Yue at his side and ordered coldly.

The Scorching Flame Phoenix hesitated for a moment as she replied, “But my Master ordered me to watch over the entrance of the purgatory. I can’t disobey my Master’s order.”

“Your Master?” Ye Si Huang sniggered as he continued, “Your Master has already been gone ages ago. What is the point in you continuing to stay here? Not many people will be able to come here even if you aren’t watching over the entrance of the purgatory. There aren’t many people that are as abnormal as my Mother.

“Moreover, this isn’t the only entrance of the purgatory from the continent. Even if you blocked people from entering here, people could still enter the purgatory from other places. Hence, how about forming a contract with my Mother to repay me in saving your life previously? It should be much better than staying here doing such a useless thing.”

‘Actually, it was just a coincidence in previously saving the Scorching Flame Phoenix. I had obtained an item that could be used to treat a sacred beast by luck. I was searching for a guinea pig to test it out. I then met with the Scorching Flame Phoenix at that moment. Naturally, she had become my guinea pig. I didn’t expect it to really work in the end.

‘It was also due to that incident that I made the Scorching Flame Phoenix owe me a large favour.’

“I…” The Scorching Flame Phoenix was slightly hesitant. But when she thought that her Master had not appeared after waiting for him for several ten thousand years, he must have met with a mishap. Her heart sank subconsciously as she agreed, “Alright, I agree. I’ve already guarded this place for so many years for Master. It can be said that I had been responsible and diligent. I currently am already sick and tired of this place. I want to leave this place…”

‘I’ve been living in solitary for thousands of years, suffering every day and night at this place. I had already been sick of this current life long ago. It is perfect that Mu Ru Yue’s appearance can also bring me out of this dreadful place.’

“But I’m guessing the two of you should be wanting to enter the purgatory. Since I don’t want to enter that place, I shall be waiting here for you. I will form the contract once she leaves the purgatory.”

“I can agree to that request…”

Ye Si Huang turned her head to look at Mu Ru Yue. His original gloomy face instantly brimmed with a candid smile. The Scorching Flame Phoenix gawked at how rapid his expression had changed, tongue-tied.

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