EAA Chapter 1018


Chapter 1018 –The Door of The Purgatory Part 3

There was a set of rusty metal chains hanging on the door. A large key opening entered Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. There was a horrifying skull with two glimmering hell flames shining within it. It was as if a pair of eyes was staring gloomily at you…

“Is this the entrance of the purgatory? But…”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice was suddenly vanished from within her throat. It was as though her further words were stuck within it. Her gaze stared at the Phoenix that was sitting crossed-leg with its eyes close beside the entrance, gasping.

“Scorching Flame Phoenix! That’s right, it is indeed the legendary Scorching Flame Phoenix from the legends that had already been extinct from the continent ages ago! Why has it appeared here?”


‘The Scorching Flame Phoenix is a well-known demon beast from the prehistoric time. From what I had read, it managed to wipe out a million army force by itself.

‘Following that, she left the continent after becoming a god. But why is she at this kind of place now?’

The Scorching Flame Phoenix that was creeping1 beside the entrance of the purgatory finally opened her eyes when Mu Ru Yue’s heart was trembling…

Her pair of scarlet red eyes that carried a ruthless bloodthirsty vibe within it slowly landed on Mu Ru Yue…


A strong aura rose from the Scorching Flame Phoenix. She slowly stood up and walked toward Mu Ru Yue.

The pressure reeking off her body intensified as she neared Mu Ru Yue, suffocating anyone within its presence…

“Human, who allowed you to step a foot into this place?” The Scorching Flame Phoenix raised her head as she looked down toward Mu Ru Yue with an alluring voice that was filled with sinister coldness. “My Master had ordered me to take care of this entire sea of flames. Anyone that barges into it must die!”

A potent killing intent surged forth from the Scorching Flame Phoenix’s body when it said the last word. The entire flames within the sea of flames accumulated toward the Scorching Flame Phoenix at that moment.


The feathers of her entire body were ignited, giving off a dreadful grandeur.

Mu Ru Yue felt that it was extremely difficult just to move her feet under the pressure of the aura. Her glacial appearance became gravely pale bit by bit.

“No, I certainly mustn’t die here!”

Mu Ru Yue took in a mouthful of cold air and became silent.

‘This phoenix’s might is really powerful. It is at least several times stronger than those little scorpions. Even if the Phoenix hasn’t become a full god, she should at least already be a half-god.

‘That kind of might isn’t something I can deal with currently…

‘Moreover, the effect of the Fire Nullification Pill is already dissipating. Even if I don’t fear these flames, I will still be severely hurt even if I manage to survive within this sea of flames once the Fire Nullification effect has completely vanished.’

“If I’ve not guessed wrong, you should have sustained severe injuries.” A glimmered flickered in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes and she said, “If you let me enter the entrance of the purgatory, I can help you treat your wounds.”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix sniggered as she refused, “Humans are always known to be crafty creatures. Isn’t it you humans that hurt me to such an extent? I no longer believe in any flowery words that you human race speaks. Since you have the guts to barge into this place, you should accept death!”


Flames gradually condensed within the hand of the Scorching Flame Phoenix.


The flame moved like a light wave toward Mu Ru Yue. Mu Ru Yue felt as though the air before her had dissipated under the scorching flames. She could only watch on as those flames neared her…


‘I can’t die!

‘There is a man still waiting for me.

‘Since I promised I will return safely, I mustn’t let him down!’

Mu Ru Yue raised her head with a powerful grandeur that erupted from her body. That light wave that was charging over to her instantly vanished under the might of her intense power…

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