EAA Chapter 1017


Chapter 1017 –The Door of The Purgatory Part 2

“This is just a rough estimation. But some things can happen and perhaps make them appear earlier. Therefore, you must improve your might as quickly as possible.”

There was a never seen before seriousness on Murong Qing Chu’s usual aloof and elegant face. His pleasant voice was as refreshing as spring water.

“I understand.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded and said, “Murong Qing Chu, please bring me to the Eighteen Level of Purgatory…”


The entrance of the Eighteen Level of Purgatory was located at a volcano near the North Devil Palace. That volcano frequently erupted, making its surrounding tremendously dangerous. Hence, not people would be willing to enter that area.

“The Eighteen Level of Purgatory is within the sea of flames of that volcano. This is the key. You can head down there by yourself. I won’t be accompanying you.”

Murong Qing Chu took out a key that had a length of an entire arm from his storage dimension and placed it before Mu Ru Yue. With a light smile, he said, “I believe you have some ways to enter it.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. She took out and consumed a Fire Nullification Pill from her storage dimension. She jumped within the sea of flames after taking the key from Murong Qing Chu, rapidly disappearing from the man’s aloof eyes…


Now, Mu Ru Yue could fill she was being surrounded by heat!

She could still feel a heat as though capable of incinerating her even under the effect of the Fire Nullification Pill.

“This sea of flames is enormous. I don’t know where the entrance of the Purgatory will be at.”

Mu Ru Yue remained silent for a moment in deep thoughts.

Yet, the key in her hand emitted a faint glow. The golden light illuminated the entire sea of flames. It was as though guiding her…

“Is this it?” Mu Ru Yue thought as she hastily swam forward.

Suddenly, she halted her movements as she looked in front of her. Her gaze landed on a group of scarlet scorpion; her pupils dilated abruptly.

“Are those… Flame Scorpions? Furthermore, the weakest one in the group is at the Spiritual Realm and there are a couple of scorpions at the Supreme Realm…”

Mu Ru Yue’s breath became slightly sluggish.

‘I didn’t expect there will be so many aggressive demon beasts within the sea of flames.’

Nonetheless, those Flame Scorpions seemed to have noticed Mu Ru Yue existence while she was in deep thoughts, quickly crawling toward her.

Their speed was so rapid that they quickly neared before Mu Ru Yue…

“If it was other places and needed to face these many foes, perhaps I would struggle a little. But this place is within the sea of flames. This is the environment where I excel in the best.”

Mu Ru Yue slowly raised her hand, instantly a large sword appeared in her palm. All of the flames gathered toward Mu Ru Yue, forming an intense firestorm around her sword.


With a brandish of her sword, the firestorm swiftly headed toward the scorpions that were crawling over. Although the scorpions had a fire attribute, they couldn’t withstand such a blow. Several died on their backs after a large explosion.

Some lucky survivors stood timidly at a side, afraid to continue advancing.

Mu Ru Yue withdrew her Heavenly Flame Dragon Sword. But she didn’t plan on wiping all of those scorpions out. Since they stopped their advancement, she wouldn’t intentionally attack them…

“Since the Flame Scorpions appeared here, it also means that the entrance to the purgatory isn’t far.”

She speedily swam in front of the scorpions, heading to the direction that the key was leading her to. Those scorpions wanted to try and stop her. But they cowered a little once they thought back about her previously might…

A set of enormous doors was promptly reflected within Mu Ru Yue’s eyes.

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