EAA Chapter 1016


Chapter 1016  –The Door of The Purgatory Part 1

“Eighteen Levels of Purgatory?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she waited quietly to hear what Murong Qing Chu would say next.

“The Eighteen Levels of Purgatory isn’t the same basis as hell. The Eighteen Levels of Purgatory was a dimension left behind by an expert in the far ancient time. Furthermore, there are only a few keys that can activate the door of that Eighteen Levels of Purgatory.

“I had coincidentally come across one of those keys. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to enter the Eighteen Levels Of Purgatory that is within the North Devil Palace. However, there is another place that possesses the entrance of the Purgatory…”


Murong Qing Chu’s gaze became serious. He stared his aloof gaze at the woman standing before him as he continued, “Feng Jing Tian is within the sixth level of the Eighteen Levels of Purgatory, the Fire Sea Purgatory. The key in my possession also only has access to that sixth level so I can send you there.

“The time flow in the Flaming Sea Purgatory is different from the continent. A month in the Eastern Island will be equivalent to a year of stay within that Purgatory. You will only be able to improve your might drastically by going there.”

Mu Ru Yue became lost in thoughts.

‘It is indeed my first time hearing about this Eighteen Levels of Purgatory in details. However, I must bring Feng Jing Tian out of there no matter what!’

“Wu Chen,” She shifted her gaze to the man by her side after thinking through. “I want to head to that Eighteen Levels of Purgatory. But I am worried about the matters on this side. Bei Jun can already be said to be invincible here. In addition to those matters we heard from Murong Qing Chu, I want you to stay behind to protect my family…”

‘There are people that I care tremendously for here.

‘The person that I can trust entirely is only Ye Wu Chen…’

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue seemed to have seen through his worries as she chuckled lightly and persuaded, “Don’t forget that I’ve little Huang Er on my side. It is unimaginable for us to gauge his true strength. You totally don’t need to fret at all with him by my side. No matter what, I will return back here to you safe and sound.”

Ye Wu Chen raised his brow slightly, raising his arm to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. His purple pupils focused on the woman in his embrace. With a charming smile, he swore, “Mu Er, I can swear to you that nothing will happen to your family for as long as my soul exists. It is my promise to you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed up.

‘I will absolutely be able to leave this world without regrets in my current life and eternity for possessing such a man that is willing to give his all in fulfilling my requests.’

Mu Ru Yue embraced Ye Wu Chen tightly. She tiptoed to plant a light kiss on the man’s lips. However, it was just a fleeting kiss. Just when Mu Ru Yue was going to leave his embrace, the arm that was embracing her tugged abruptly, making her fall within a warm chest.

Ye Wu Chen had already forgotten about Murong Qing Chu that was still standing by their side. He kissed the woman’s lips deeply.

With scorching breaths felt on her ear, the man’s low and heavy hoarse voice was heard, “Mu Er, I will be waiting for your return…”

He could only release the woman from his embrace after a long time had passed. Reluctance brimmed in his heart. Yet, Ye Wu Chen understood that once he left, there would be nobody that could protect the Dou family.

Although there were still a couple of Supreme Realm practitioners around, they similarly wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to Bei Jun.

‘Since I had decided to love this woman with everything I have before, I should let her save the person she wants to rescue with nary a worry…’

“Wu Chen, I will return as soon as possible.”

Mu Ru Yue looked toward Murong Qing Chu as she clarified, “How long more will it be until the World Annihilation Crisis?”

“Three months.”

‘Three months? In other words, I only have three years to upgrade my cultivation…’

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